What are the Benefits Offered by Verification IP?

Verification IP carries immense value in the semiconductor industry as chips attain extraordinary levels of complexity. 

FREMONT, CA: Verification Intellectual Property (VIP) has come to be a valuable component in the realm of chip verification today. Verification methodologies are evolving, and verification engineers are in the quest for optimized solutions that validate intricate designs, as well as ensure the fulfillment of compliance protocols. VIP could be an ideal solution here, resulting in improved debugging, standard quality and coverage, and faster delivery of projects. The functionalities of verification IP can empower every chip design engineer to accomplish tasks with convenience and expertise. Some of the advantages that VIP brings are enlisted and discussed in detail.

• Enhanced Support for Protocols

The use of VIP allows design verification engineers to carry out industry-standard verifications by comparing components with multiple protocols. VIP supports the use of even those protocols in which the verification engineer might not be well-versed. Thus, with VIP, engineers can verify designs against detailed protocols even if they don’t have expertise. This increases the coverage of SoC verification.

• Compatibility

VIP enables extremely streamlined approaches to chip verification. As a means of verifying the functional correctness of SoC designs, it allows integrated flows that validate targeted components, no matter how complicated the design is. VIP comes in easy-to-deploy modules and can be implemented with standard verification methodologies like UVM. Compatibility with multiple verification languages also works in favor of VIP. The reusability and compatibility of verification IP carry significant value as well.

• Portable Across Simulation and Emulation Platforms

While some VIP might be targeted either to simulation or emulation platforms, the feasibility of platform-independent VIP is also present.  Thus, VIP is a comprehensive solution in itself and can move designs from simulation to emulation. Even FPGA prototyping capabilities are present on the VIP.  

The potential of boosting chip verification with verification IP is real. For a rapidly growing semiconductor industry, verification IP is one of the most significant enablers in chip design and verification. Thus, VIP can be considered a worthy addition to the verification arsenal of a chip design engineer.

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