Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Aug 18, 2022

Feature of the Week

Large-bandgap semiconductor devices, such as gallium nitride and silicon carbide devices, have attracted significant interest from the automotive application sector.  Read more
These are greatly complex modules with 16 and more individual antennas.  Read more
Today, we have access to infinite online reviews and reports, and we are all doing our research to find the best vehicle for us.  Read more


By Joe Tenczar, CIO & Partner, 3CIOs  
I learned long ago that if you don’t understand “why” something is being done, you have little chance of succeeding.  Read more
By Jim McCoy, CIO, Raytheon  
We’ve created an environment where cross-functional teams can meet and collaborate on designs—now that’s powerful!.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By David Huff, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Skorpios Technologies.,   
Skorpios Technologies, Inc. is an optical communications company focused on revolutionizing the transceiver and subsystem supply chain. It offers a unique Tru-SiPh™ platform that heterogeneously integrates lasers, modulators, and other...  Read more
By Shon Schmidt, Ph.D., Co-founder and CEO,   
Maple Leaf Photonics builds custom photonic probe systems that automate testing. Their modular hardware, proprietary software, and custom controllers simplify photonic integrated circuit testing with customizable systems configured to expand the...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Dhaval Dhayatkar, Senior Director, Plasma Power Products, Advanced Energy  
As the physical vapor deposition (PVD)processes used in semiconductor manufacturing become more complex.  Read more
By Dr Hans-Jurgen Braun, Senior Vice President, Operations, Vitesco Technologies (ETR: VTSC)  
When I’m asked what the factory of the future will look like, I always say: smart, lean, and green.  Read more