Is Semiconductor Industry Waking Up to Security?

As the demand for electronic devices increases, the importance of security also rises. This will require a holistic approach to weave security in semiconductor manufacturing carefully.      

FREMONT, CA: The advancements in semiconductor technology have spurred enormous changes in the way chips are designed, manufactured, and used. These changes bring several benefits, including faster time to market and lower prices to companies involved in chip manufacturing. At the same time, they can also create a huge opportunity for hackers to target vulnerabilities and launch cyber attacks.

The techniques and procedures to verify security must catch up to the robustness of chips that implement them.  A secured chip system is paramount for the safe and reliable operation of electronic devices. The same capability that enables chips to perform their tasks must also enable them to recognize and manage threats. Fortunately, the investment in the development of secure semiconductor manufacturing is increasing over time.       

As a primary step to improve security, chip manufacturers must prioritize the application of security advice to monitor vulnerabilities and remediate accordingly constantly. Gaining visibility is the primary requirement for enhancing the current security posture. The security experts should know the manufacturing environment, the devices used, the reliability of connections, and the vulnerabilities. This will enable them to constantly reduce their risk and measure the effectiveness of their security actions.      

 A change in design practices can help the semiconductor industry in its battle against cyber attacks. Current chip design practices in the semiconductor industry should be modified to recognize and address the malicious insertions. Companies engaged in chip design should practice partitioning of information to limit unauthentic data access. This could lead to a more careful measure that can reduce the breaches occurring while in chip designing.

While it is impossible to nullify the potential of cyberattacks completely, the above practices could significantly reduce the effect of a dreadful cyber breach.

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