How Nanotechnology Powers Semiconductor Industry

Nanotechnology not only offsets the size of the semiconductors but also powers their operational performance. 

FREMONT, CA: Nanotechnology is a promising technology that has been potentially transforming the semiconductor industry. The quest for reducing the size of semiconductor materials is driving the researchers to invest in nanotechnology. According to AZoNano, nanotechnology also drives the performance of semiconductors across a wide range of material applications. Recently, researchers in the semiconductor industry are investing their energy in producing Quantum Size Effect (QSE).

The QSE arises due to increased confinement of the electrons and holes. The above configuration ultimately leads to a reduction in the size of small crystalline structures. Nanomaterial impacted by QSE demonstrates changes in the electronic structures, resulting in an intermediate molecular size that ranges somewhere between the size of a molecule and several molecules in bulk composition. The intermediate state of the nanomaterial leads to the spatial confinement of charge carriers within such structures, thereby offsetting the overall size of the nanomaterial that is used in semiconductors.

The electron structural changes due to QSE cause sharp contrast from the physical properties of the bulk materials. Researchers are manipulating the shape and size of intermediate atoms to adjust the energy as well as optical transitions of nanoengineered semiconductor materials. For instance, researchers can modify the electronic energy state of the semiconductors and adjust the light emission capable of passing through the nanoparticles to be visible, near-infrared, ultraviolet, or mid-infrared spectral ranges. 

 Another advantage that follows the incorporation of nanotechnology into semiconductors is the widened bandgaps. The widened bandgap of the nanoscale semiconductors offers these materials unique chemical stability at high operating temperatures. Such thermal stability offers a wide range of advantages to systems laced with nanoscale semiconductors. Some of such benefits include reduced wire, connectors, or cooling requirements.

 The above advantages are motivating the researchers to invest in nanotechnology. Further, advancements in semiconductors will certainly be influenced by the developments in nanotechnology.

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