3 Ways Vehicle Lighting is Evolving with Semiconductor Technology

The rapid advancements in automotive lighting systems can be attributed to the evolution of semiconductor technologies.   

FREMONT, CA: The automotive industry is busy churning out the next generation of automobiles. From electric vehicles to autonomous cars, big changes are underway. Every element in an automobile is subject to these transformations, including the lighting systems. Evolving technological capabilities are the primary reason behind the current developments. As far as lighting systems are concerned, advancements in semiconductor technologies are the biggest drivers. Semiconductor technologies are influencing the course of evolution for headlights, rear lights, as well as lighting systems in the interior of vehicles. The following list discusses the role of semiconductors in automotive lighting systems.

• Animated and Static LEDs at the Rear

The functionalities and customization options in rear lighting systems are evolving with LED light sources. Static LED driver modules for rear lights now possess dual-stage LED drivers with a first stage voltage regulator implemented using innovative configurations. Rear lights are now able to operate optimally in response to the battery voltage supply. In the case of animated rear lights as well, optimized LED drivers enable independent lighting implementations that are reliable.

• Adaptive Headlights

Enabling minute adjustments in front light systems has today become feasible owing to advancements in semiconductor technology. With high-power and flexible LED drivers, it is possible to develop adaptive headlight systems that achieve the required amount of brightness. A dual-stage power processing topology, with a voltage regulator at the first stage and a current regulator at the second stage, plays a key role in these systems. Thus, superior controls over intensity, as well as beam shape, can be achieved today.

• Customizable Lights for the Interiors

Interior lighting systems carry a lot of appeal among customers. Today, it is possible to develop personalized interior lighting in vehicles, thanks to semiconductor technologies. Using a combination of LED drivers, the automobile industry now offers options for personal messages and front panel lighting.

As the automotive industry tries to modernize vehicles models, futuristic headlights, rear lights, as well as interior lights, will see a lot of innovations. In the process, advancing semiconductor technology becomes the crucial enabler. 

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