What are the New Dynamics in EDA?

The contribution of EDA to the rapid growth of consumer electronics is expected to continue as the technology evolves.

FREMONT, CA: The semiconductor industry got a major boost with the emergence of EDA. Design of circuits and chips used to be relatively difficult before EDA companies began delivering software solutions for assistance with design, simulation, and verification. Over the years, EDA tools and platforms have influenced the development of integrated circuits and printed circuit boards. Today, the semiconductor industry is leveraging EDA to design, test, and prepare sophisticated circuits for manufacturing. Some of the new dynamics and the road ahead for EDA are discussed here.  

Concerns that need to be addressed

As semiconductor companies merge and collaborate, EDA companies are facing the challenge of a limited customer base shrinking even further. While EDA companies constantly innovate with their offerings to support evolving chip designs, the affordability is also becoming a pain point. To prevent the rising prices of computing-intensive design automation solutions, EDA companies are coming up with powerful integrations that could attract more clients and keep costs in check. Discovering new business opportunities has also become essential for EDA companies to thrive in the market.

Exploring the Opportunities in IoT Devices

There is plenty of demand for IoT devices in the market. This could mean new business opportunities for EDA providers. By developing EDA tools for the design and testing of IoT devices, EDA providers can expand their customer base. The capabilities and expertise that EDA companies currently possess are enough to enable IoT tool development. Technologies of machine learning/artificial intelligence can be enablers that optimize the EDA offerings.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

EDA companies are looking at new prospects that could require multidisciplinary expertise spanning fields of software design, manufacturing processes, as well as physics. By amassing these a workforce with these qualities, EDA providers will continue to deliver unlimited opportunities to semiconductor companies for enhanced designing, and smooth debugging.

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