4 Key Trends Making EDA Market Future-Ready

EDA tools are providing the semiconductor industry the ability to innovate over the past few years.

FREMONT, CA: Sources states that over the last five years, Electronic Design Automation (EDA) revenue has increased an annualized 7.1 percent, including the growth of 8.7% in 2019 alone, to $5.7 billion. This rapid revenue growth is a result of rising investment in computers and software. The EDA industry’s demand is expected to increase in 2020, too, presenting potential opportunities for the industry. Here is a brief look at the interesting trends that are equipping the EDA industry with future-readiness.

• Easy Access and Usability

Developers are bringing forth fully featured EDA tools that do not require engineering skills to operate it. By using the automation features in EDA tools, developers today are making PCB software easy to operate for even industrial-grade requirements. With this, designing tools now have a stronger appeal to professionals. The automated functionalities are also eliminating the tough aspects of designing a circuit board.

• Increasing Demand for ADAS

The semiconductor companies are experiencing a growing demand from automotive IC customers amid the push to more connectivity features like Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and electric/hybrid vehicles. ADAS requires complex chips, and designing those semiconductors on a mass scale is streamlined by the automated designing tools. Advanced, feature-rich vehicles are powered by the elements of a complex ADAS, which requires the complex semiconductors. As the latest self-driving cars become available in the market, this surge in demand for semiconductors will grow further.

• Applications of EDA in PCB Designing

Growing demand for advanced electronic devices with complex PCB designs and the need to reduce the size while improving the performance are pushing PCB designers to increase their investments in  EDA tools.  EDA has a huge scope of application that is spread across multiple industries. If a company is trying to design a complex semiconductor, the application of automation features found in EDA is as vast as the electronics industry.

• EDA Vendors Offering Tools Online

Increased internet penetration worldwide has made it easy for potential customers to access these EDA tools online and use them to design and fabricate chips. Consequently, the capital expenditure for companies has reduced because of the reduced total cost of ownership and infrastructure costs to accommodate these tools.