3D Printing Revolution in the Semiconductor Industry

3D printed semiconductor devices with innovative architecture and materials are slowly becoming the mainstream.

FREMONT, CA: Continued miniaturization has been the primary objective in the semiconductor industry for the last few years, but major manufacturers are struggling to break physical limitations in semiconductor devices. Here enters 3D printing, making it possible to print semiconductor electronics. This process is carried out with the help of semiconductor inks, which can be extruded directly from the printer, opening up the possibilities to even create fully operational circuit boards.

Conventional semiconductor manufacturing processes limit designers in terms of interconnect architecture, planarity, and substrate shape. In contrast, 3D printed circuit boards are not limited by subtractive manufacturing limitations, saving semiconductor companies a lot of time, effort, and money, and providing designers with increased freedom to design circuit boards with sophisticated architecture and customized designs as required. Working with a system that is designed for 3D printing circuit boards is an excellent way to complement an existing semiconductor manufacturing process for low-volume, high-complexity boards. The layer-by-layer printing process allows low-volume manufacturing runs of boards with the desired level of complexity, including non-planar circuit boards and high-value boards with very complex shapes.

Besides, the use of polymers in 3D printing for semiconductors is allowing fundamental devices to be printed alongside a substrate or directly on top of a substrate. Also, being able to print semiconductive material paves the path for a revolution in the field of commercial electronics. When combined with other processes for 3D printing semiconductor components, inkjet printing allows unique semiconductor devices to be printed alongside electronic components. In conclusion, the future of 3D printing semiconductor components gives a competitive edge for semiconductor companies.

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