Is Organic Semiconductor the Solution to Build Future Electronic Devices?

Innovative approaches to improving the performance of organic semiconductors can boost the abilities of electronic devices for delivering next-generation services.    

FREMONT, CA: To meet the growing demands of next-generation electronic devices, professionals in the semiconductor industry continuously invest in the advancement and development projects. A research group at Rutgers University successfully runs a project to increase the speed and efficiency of the electrical flows conducted by organic semiconductors, according to the Daily Targum. Researchers realize that bending organic semiconductors can boost the rate of electrical flow, benefiting future electronic devices like sensors or solar cells.   

Innovative approaches to increase organic semiconductors' efficiency can improve the performance of organic semiconductor-based electronics and products. In recent years, the demand for organic semiconductors has grown rapidly; the low cost of organic semiconductors offers benefits like reducing production cost while increasing the production scale. Today, organic semiconductor-based solar cells and sensors are highly popular due to high scalability, process-ability, bendability, and more. As the organic semiconductors can be manufactured in small sizes and lightweight, semiconductor manufacturers can offer numerous options in chip designs for different products and even customize the chip shapes and sizes according to their clients' demands.

Today, organic semiconductors continue to deliver remarkable advantages in developing next-generation applications for products like IoTs, smartphones, TV sets, and other electronic devices. Organic semiconductors provide the benefits of better chemical versatility, low-cost device fabrication, and compatibility with plastic, textile substrate, and biological systems. The active materials present in the organic semiconductors with advanced chip designs prove to be profitable for organic semiconductor-based solar cells and sensors. Organic semiconductors have gained attention across the global market while creating opportunities for semiconductor professionals to expand their businesses. With the power of smooth energy flow for a longer duration, organic semiconductors hold the potential to reshape the future abilities of electronic devices.

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