3 Innovations Transforming PCB Designs

Technological advancements and the evolving requirements in the electronics sphere propel PCB innovations.

 FREMONT, CA: The invention of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) marked a revolution in the semiconductor world. Since their invention in 1943, PCBs have evolved significantly. Modern PCBs are multilayered, compact, complex systems that hardly resemble their earliest versions. Today, PCBs are powering almost everything from space shuttles in the outer orbit to the PCs and smartphones. The increased demands over the speeds and efficiency of the electronics have led to the rapid and continuous evolution of PCB designs. The future advancements in the landscape of PCBs will largely be motivated by the evolving requirements of the electronics world. Here are some of the expected PCB innovations that await us.  

 3D Printed Electronics 3D printing in electronics is being eyed as a radical transforming PCB design. 3D printing systems can be used to create 3D circuits by printing a substrate item layer by layer. When compared to 2D PCB manufacturing, the 3D design facilitates significant achievements in terms of efficiency as well as innovative designs.

Board Cameras PCB board cameras are the cameras that can be equipped onto the PCB board. Such cameras have made portable photography possible. The sophistication and advancements of the PCB board can be estimated from the fact that the pictures outputted by the board cameras can even be mistaken with those taken from a professional camera.

 Autoplacers Autoplacers offer an alternative to conventional autorouters. While the manufacturing of autorouters is complex and requires time, autoplacers requires relatively less time. Autoplacers integrate mechanical and CAD systems and make PCB designing simpler for the manufacturers.

 While requirements in the electronics world will certainly guide the innovations in the PCB designs, technological innovations will also play a key role.

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