3 Advantages of Cloud-backed EDA

The EDA industry is adopting cloud models for increased convenience as cloud providers are aiming to address recurring security concerns.  

FREMONT, CA: The advantages of cloud technology are well-known today. Several industries have benefitted from cloud technology adoption. The semiconductor industry was conventionally a little wary of the cloud services model due to security concerns. However, cloud service providers have now responded to the apprehensions of the EDA industry and are incorporating extensive security measures. This is driving the EDA industry to shift to the cloud. The benefits associated with the cloud-based service models can directly translate into advantages for EDA providers. The platform-as-a-service model has found the highest number of takers in the semiconductor industry. The most significant advantages of taking EDA to the cloud are discussed here.

• Convenience for EDA Users

EDA providers can extend unlimited benefits to their clients by providing cloud-backed platforms. Users can install and run EDA software on the cloud without any additional investments. Similarly, users can also develop and run PDKs through the PaaS model. By offering EDA products and services through the cloud, EDA vendors help users bring down the time and costs. Thus, it is easier to satisfy customers and generate more revenue. 

• Less Capital Investments

By opting for cloud, EDA providers can easily cut down on hardware investments. The money that goes into buying and maintaining servers can instead be used in other ways. The cloud providers offer secure infrastructure, as well as efficient maintenance and management of infrastructure. This is advantageous for every EDA vendor in the short-term and the long term. Besides, the scaling capability of platforms hosted on the cloud is variable. This gives the EDA industry the flexibility to acquire more processing power in times of high demand.

A Solution to Latency Woes

Cloud-backed EDA services are designed to prevent latency issues. By choosing cloud providers with strategically located servers, EDA providers can benefit from minimum latency. This empowers EDA products to work smoothly and ensures excellent customer satisfaction.

Cloud technology helps the EDA industry unlock new levels of operational efficiency, resulting in better opportunities for innovations and revenue.

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