Yield Engineering Systems (YES): Cutting Edge Process Solutions for Semiconductor Fabrication and More

Rezwan Lateef, President, Yield Engineering SystemsRezwan Lateef, President
Semiconductors are integral to our world. Manufacturers of these ubiquitous devices are condensing ever-greater functionality and complexity into smaller and smaller physical footprints through 3D stacking and heterogenous integration. But these advanced applications require specialized material modification techniques to enable the safe stacking of layers of delicate circuitry into powerful, tiny packages. That is why companies around the globe enlist the help of Yield Engineering Systems (YES), a specialist in manufacturing process equipment whose material modification and surface enhancement solutions significantly improve speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness for its customers.

Founded in 1980, YES was acquired by KCK Group in 2018 and energized with new management, infrastructure, and funding. The company serves the semiconductor, life sciences, and Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) markets, among others. In the semiconductor area, the company provides its renowned vacuum curing technology, as well as thermal and bonding solutions, to the world’s largest IDMs, foundries and OSATs.

YES’s coating systems enable its life science customers’ applications in genetic testing and the identification of infectious agents like SARS-CoV-2, as well as providing key process technology for customers in optics, AR/VR and nanoimprint lithography.
For decades, customers around the world have relied on YES equipment to realize their aggressive technology roadmaps. Because YES’s technology is consistent across its entire product line, from small R&D tools through highvolume automated manufacturing systems, customers find that scaling up to production volumes is easy and transparent once a prototype is developed and accepted. YES thermal processing equipment spans a wide range of customer needs, addressing process temperature regimes from 100°C to 1200°C using convective, radiative, infrared and UV sources for wafer and panel substrates. YES’s flagship vacuum cure process provides superior reliability and film properties and cuts the typical cure time for polyimide layers in half (compared to atmospheric curing techniques)for considerable throughput benefits.
  • We believe that the way to win in the marketplace is to continue innovating in partnership with our customers, providing them with the new technology they need to enable breakthrough products

YES has evolved from a small nucleus of about 30 people in 2018 to a rapidly-growing global organization of more than 100, with expansion to 150 strong planned by the end of 2021. As President of YES Rezwan Lateef has said, “We believe that the way to win in the marketplace is to continue innovating in partnership with our customers, providing them with the new technology they need to enable breakthrough products.” Accordingly, the company has opened offices in Taiwan, Korea, Germany, and Phoenix, Arizona for greater proximity to its key semiconductor customers and has invested heavily in R&D to develop new technologies and processes for the semiconductor market. The new YES Silicon Valley headquarters in Fremont, California showcases the company’s growing capabilities, with sparkling clean room and applications development areas.

YES continues to discover and develop new curing, bonding, coating and cleaning processes to address the needs of its markets. By delivering scalability, performance, reliability, and trust to its partners worldwide, YES is committed to enabling them to create the leading-edge products that will drive the next generation of technology breakthroughs–from cellphones and IoT devices, to AI and virtual reality, to diagnostic testing and genetic sequencing– that will power the future.
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Yield Engineering Systems

Yield Engineering Systems

Fremont, CA

Rezwan Lateef, President

Yield Engineering Systems (YES) is a manufacturer of extremely reliable, high-value, high-volume manufacturing processing equipment. YES systems and technical solutions are the preferred choice in multiple growing high-tech markets including semiconductor, display and life sciences–and by several of the world's best and most innovative companies