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Scott Riggi, President, VIGO PhotonicsScott Riggi, President
As the consumer applications of sensor technology skyrocket with the emergence of products such as intelligent audio systems and motion-sensing lights, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are witnessing never-before-seen demand. However, in the case of silicon photonics and IR sensor production, these OEMs often face lead time and expense-related challenges. Firms that require prototypes for their IR sensor-containing devices are forced to partner with third-party fabrication houses, which are often expensive. The small production volumes drive these collaborators to lose interest in the project, causing further delays.

In light of these developments, there is a need for an OEM partner that is a single source for all semiconductor assembly and component packaging requirements and allows clients to leverage their wafer production expertise. Enter VIGO Photonics, an IR sensor manufacturer with expertise in design and fabrication, including products with mid-infrared optical detectors and III-V material technology.

Virtually,every semiconductor in the world passes through our systems

Founded in 1987, VIGO Photonics’ vision is to transform the industry with its one-stop-shop approach and a holistic portfolio of IR detectors and Epi-wafers. The company has since grown into a global market leader in IR sensor manufacturing with a clientele that includes Fortune 500 companies, academia, and research institutions.

It has also expanded its geographical footprint, from the headquarters and manufacturing center near Warsaw, Poland, to numerous operation centers across the U.S., including the recent launch of a brick-and-mortar facility that directly accepts orders and ships products to customers.
“Our ability to manufacture specialized epitaxial wafers is backed by our capability and expertise as a semiconductor packaging components supplier, which we extend to our physical equipment and reactors,” says Scott Riggi, President of VIGO Photonics, USA.

The company’s portfolio comprises different applications and custom offerings, each requiring specialized manufacturing technology for its production. A standard application of IR detectors is in the gas sensing market. The conventional mid-range IR sensors are not designed to detect different gas types at low concentration levels. VIGO Photonics’ expertise in perfecting the semiconductor design for low-concentration gas detection makes it appealing for this use case. From an equipment standpoint, the company has in-house metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) reactors that can achieve high-quality and scalable epitaxial layer growth, even on large-area substrates. With its MOCVD reactors, VIGO Photonics effectively manufactures products such as quantum cascade lasers at significantly lower costs through reactor-driven mass production.
  • Our ability to manufacture specialized epitaxial wafers is backed by our capability and expertise as a semiconductor packaging components supplier, which we extend to our physical equipment and reactors

Concurrently, the company addresses the constraints in technical resources and application expertise within businesses seeking semiconductor products with its remarkable client engagement. VIGO Photonics ensures timely and cost-effective delivery of a product that precisely aligns with the needs of every client. The company also provides a sample of the desired product, allowing clients to perform an extensive internal validation before the final approval of design and large-scale production. For manufacturing, the company adopts an agile methodology that involves working with a customer throughout the various stages of product development, delivering turnaround times significantly lower than large fabrication houses. VIGO Photonics comprises in-house design and manufacturing capabilities for semiconductor-containing products, including test stations certified under ISO 9000:1 quality programs. Above all, the OEM can handle small and large batch production and develop cutting-edge prototypes for customers, helping bring disruptive technologies to the market.

With such competencies, VIGO Photonics is keen to help the photonics industry bypass the lack of customizability and other persistent inefficiencies of large-volume batch production approaches. The company aims to meet the ever-evolving semiconductor industry requirements with its state-of-the-art technology and low-cost, short-duration production.
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VIGO Photonics

VIGO Photonics

St. Petersburg, Fl

Scott Riggi, President

VIGO Photonics is a photonic and microelectronic semiconducting materials and instruments manufacturer specializing in IR detectors and modules made with proprietary technology. The company’s mission is to provide fast, convenient, and easy-to-use IR detector chips, lasers, and their assembly and integration with electronics

"Virtually,every semiconductor in the world passes through our systems"

- Scott Riggi, President