Summit Interconnect: Powering the Digital Revolution with Faster Semiconductor Manufacturing

Shane Whiteside, President and CEO, Summit InterconnectShane Whiteside, President and CEO
The world of printed circuit boards (PCBs) is constantly changing, thanks to new and emerging technologies introducing entirely new capabilities and functions. PCBs are the “connectors” of electronic devices. Far from simple, PCBs follow many of the same technology advances found in semiconductors that result in highly dense structures designed to provide increasingly more functionality to the end user. Regardless of the complexity, there is often a critical need for rapid manufacturing while maintaining the highest quality. These dynamics, combined with skyrocketing demand for advanced technology, are currently resulting in inconsistent production timelines that cause product delays, rushed testing and ultimately subpar quality. The ability to provide quick-turn manufacturing is critical during the prototyping, pre-production, and commercial production phases of electronic products. Doing just that with its ability to rapidly deliver the highest quality PCBs without compromising on reliability is the innovative Summit Interconnect.

Established in 2016, Summit Interconnect’s core mission is to create a well-capitalized custom circuit board company with advanced manufacturing capabilities. One of Summit Interconnect’s first acquisitions was a facility in Orange County, California, with a strong legacy of partnering with numerous semiconductor manufacturing companies specializing in reference design services and test interface circuit boards. Subsequently, Summit Interconnect acquired another factory in Santa Clara, deepening its position in the quick-turn production sector. Today, Summit Interconnect is the largest privately held PCB manufacturer in North America, with eight locations.
“We offer quick-turn manufacturing, from advanced prototyping to high mix, low-to-mid volume production, with expertise in a wide range of PCB applications like high-speed digital, RF/microwave, and mixed constructions,” states Shane Whiteside, president and CEO, Summit Interconnect. Summit Interconnect caters to radio frequency (RF) companies, analog device manufacturers, and CPU production firms on the chip side, with a growing clientele in the semiconductor capital equipment space. Its holistic portfolio consists of rigid PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs, RF/Microwave PCBs, and semiconductors.

Summit Interconnect’s comprehensive product line of PCBs is made to offer the finest solutions for any demanding electronic application. The company’s broad expertise in material sciences, including laminates and chemistry, allows it to meet nearly all PCB specifications, from very large PCBs used in semiconductor automated test equipment (ATE) to very small PCBs used as mounting substrates. To support this, Summit Interconnect has extensive engineering and tooling capacities, which enables it to tool hundreds of jobs per day with 24/7 support.

Apart from these competencies, Summit Interconnect has cybersecurity compliance built into its services for defense sector customers. This compliance framework can be availed by non defense customers as well. Moreover, Summit Interconnect’s North American factories are certified IPC-1791—a security standard rating awarded to trusted fabricators. This certification standard includes all aspects of facility security, such as cyber compliance, supply chain, risk mitigation, perimeter controls, and hiring practices. These built-in capabilities assure customers that their intellectual property and critical PCB designs are in the safest hands when partnering with Summit. Concurrently, Summit Interconnect’s electronic networks maintain compliance with 110 elements of the NIST SP 800-171 cybersecurity standard.
  • We offer quick-turn manufacturing, from advanced prototyping to high mix, low-to-mid volume production, with expertise in a wide range of PCB applications like high-speed digital, RF/ microwave, and mixed constructions

Summit Interconnect strongly believes that working closely with customers during the design and prototyping stages results in the best end product delivered on schedule with high yields. The company takes pride in its inherently deep and competent front end engineering group that proficiently handles designing and manufacturing with a great emphasis on speed. Such qualities impart a sense of trustworthiness to the customers and set Summit Interconnect apart from its contemporaries in the overall PCB market.

By delivering quick-turn manufacturing coupled with performance and reliability across a wide range of PCB solutions, Summit Interconnect is committed to supporting customers across all industries with their highly skilled employees and state-of-the art equipment to meet challenging schedules and successfully bring products to market.

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Summit Interconnect

Summit Interconnect

Anaheim, CA

Shane Whiteside, President and CEO

Summit Interconnect is the largest privately held PCB manufacturer in North America, providing a complete range of complex, rigid, and flexible printed circuit boards. The company offers solutions ranging from advanced prototyping to high mix, and low-to-mid volume production. Summit is a recognized industry leader in quick-turn manufacturing and has expertise with a wide range of materials like high-speed digital, RF/microwave, and mixed constructions.