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Dean Micke, President and Shawn Smith, Vice President of Sales, RPMC LasersDean Micke, President and Shawn Smith, Vice President of Sales
Ask any professional in the semiconductor industry today about the biggest challenge companies face in this hypercompetitive marketplace. Their answer would likely reference increasing lead times.

Affecting large and small organizations alike, today’s supply chains are riddled with issues, such as an ever-growing demand for various semiconductor types, lack of visibility into the operation, and shortcomings in manufacturing processes. Tackling these issues is difficult and expensive, often requiring the intervention of professionals with the right experience and connections in the industry, which is not easy to find.

Fortunately, RPMC Lasers brings 25 years of domain expertise to the table with its wide selection of single-mode and multimode laser diodes to help businesses in the market address their semiconductor problems efficiently and cost-effectively.

RPMC Lasers excels in sourcing and distributing a fully stocked portfolio of high demand laser diodes, including Fabry Perot, DFB, VBG, QCL, Superluminescence, and VCSELs, among other semiconductor lasers in various wavelengths from about 16 μm to 375 nm. With the widest selection of wavelengths and packages in the industry, RPMC can cater to the needs of industrial, defense, and medical verticals. Its inventory, filled with readily accessible diodes, plays a key role in how the company supports clients to shorten their lead times as effectively as possible.

Another critical factor in reducing lead times is ensuring you order the right product. With many laser types and specification options, it can be easy to miss a critical detail and reordering means the clock starts over again.
When RPMC started in 1996, most professionals knew exactly what type of laser they needed for their application and how the laser’s type affected performance. Lasers are now more of a commodity used by electrical and mechanical engineers, and even biologists, for many applications. RPMC Lasers’ extensive subject matter expertise plays a crucial role in selecting the best laser the first time, guiding clients toward a better understanding of what solutions best meet their needs, and maintaining the necessary inventory and connections for speedy product delivery.

“With many years of experience, we offer products that no other company can. We can source chips for one source and work with another company with the preferred packaging capabilities or lensing expertise,” says Dean Micke, President of RPMC Lasers.

Showcasing their ability to deliver the ideal solution is the collaboration with a medical industry client who initially requested an off-the-shelf semiconductor laser with a specific wavelength and output power. During their early development process, they realized they needed to change the wavelength and add a red aiming beam. However, during prototyping, they discovered the need for a green aiming beam and a higher power output for the final product. RPMC Lasers understood the medical company’s requirements and leveraged its massive, well-connected network of manufacturers to custom source the most effective laser semiconductor products, which outperformed the client’s expectations for the application.
  • With many years of experience, we offer products that no other company can. We can source chips for one source and work with another company that has the preferred packaging capabilities or lensing expertise

The company’s team of professionals is expanding its in-house value-added capabilities, including laser testing and electrical and mechanical subassemblies. Reducing in-house steps or processes needed after receiving the laser can improve efficiency, save time and reduce costs. Instead of a component that needs extensive testing and integration into your system, a plug and play module including optics, diode driver, and suite of other features can ultimately make for a better, more cost-effective solution.

With robust products and laser solutions, RPMC Lasers is the go-to expert for organizations everywhere. It has perfectly positioned itself as a one-stop shop, where its wide selection and knowledge of lasers promises clients an effective resolution to any semiconductor problem they may face. The company is particularly known for its DPSS lasers, but upon a second glance, it becomes evident that RPMC Lasers is more than a distributor of products. It is home to the personalized and affordable laser solutions that the evolving, modern marketplace constantly seeks.
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RPMC Lasers

RPMC Lasers

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Dean Micke, President and Shawn Smith, Vice President of Sales

RPMC Lasers is the leading laser distributor in the US, focused on providing diode lasers, CW, and pulsed lasers to the industrial, medical, life science, and defense markets