Richardson Electronics: A Legacy of Highly Experienced Technical Expertise and Engineering Solutions

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Chris Marshall, CTO, Richardson ElectronicsChris Marshall, CTO
Despite still being in the nascent stage, wide bandgap semiconductor (WBG) devices are becoming more popular, with a growing need to develop new testing methods to evaluate their limits and advance their applications. In addition, increased tariffs on Chinese goods and the effects of the pandemic on global supply chains have left manufacturers with an already-constrained inventory. OEMs and end-user markets have thus faced a significant challenge in developing passive components. Against this backdrop, Richardson Electronics, an industry-leading global provider of power and microwave components and engineered solutions, offers its wide-ranging manufacturing capabilities to deliver highquality products through its worldwide network and in-depth understanding of engineering solutions.

The highly specialized international distributor and manufacturer focuses on high power and high-frequency electronic components and sub-assemblies in the alternative energy, healthcare, aviation, communications, industrial, marine, military, scientific, and semiconductor markets. “In a cost competitive situation, we offer not only the best technical solution but also a valued one to make Richardson Electronics competitive from a global standpoint,” Jeff Kerner - Business Unit Manager, Power, and Energy at Richardson Electronics.

Richardson Electronics can design, build and test components and subsystems with power levels from a few hundred watts to over a megawatt in power and frequencies that range from kilohertz to over 60 GHz. The company’s extensive range of application design capabilities and services, coupled with its stringent quality control understanding of customer-specific manufacturing capabilities, make it an ideal vendor of choice to support applications that require building and custom-engineering components.
From design-in support, systems integration, prototype design to testing, logistics, and aftermarket technical service, its unique strategy involves adding value to a customer’s solutions through its technical prowess and experience in engineering and manufacturing. Using its variety of in-house testing capabilities and services for specific parameters, Richardson Electronics’ design engineering team will review a customer’s application requirements to make product recommendations and provide further information to improve performance and cost-effectiveness. These tests include Power Measurement, Frequency, Forward and Reflected Power, Harmonics, load tuning, Performance Verification, Modeling, Network Analyzer, and more. In addition to its state-of-the-art component design and testing capabilities, Richardson Electronics provides service, repair, post-installation support, and supply chain solutions for clients through its global network.

A testament to Richardson Electronics’ zeal for innovation and efficacy are the recent two U.S patent awards for its ultracapacitorbased plug-and-play replacement for batteries in wind turbine generator pitch systems. The ULTRA3000® Pitch Energy Module (PEM) is designed to be a direct one-for-one replacement for batteries and chargers that can be installed without any modifications to the battery box. Unlike batteries, Richardson Electronics’ ULTRA3000® PEM significantly enhanced reliability in electric pitch control systems with its ability to deliver quick bursts of power in a short time frame, an ideal function for emergency pitching in a wind turbine generator (WTG). Additionally, with over 1 million charge-discharge cycles, Richardson Electronics’ Ultracapacitor Pitch Energy Modules provides 15 plus years of reliable operation without maintenance, significantly reducing labor costs and downtime.
  • With Our Significant Global Footprint Throughout The World, We Are Continuing To Invest In Internal Resources, And To Develop New Market Product Offerings To Grow Organically,” Concludes Chris Marshall

Celebrating its 75th year, Richardson Electronics has grown to become one of the industry-leading global providers of engineered solutions, RF & microwave, and power products. During the COVID-19 crisis, the company experienced significant growth and ventured into newer markets such as 5G and Green Energy, pursuing higher efficiency. “With our significant global footprint throughout the world, we are continuing to invest in internal resources, and to develop new market product offerings to grow organically,” concludes Chris Marshall, CTO at Richardson Electronics.
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Richardson Electronics

Richardson Electronics

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Chris Marshall, CTO

Richardson Electronics brings together a deep understanding of engineering, wide-ranging capabilities, and a worldwide network to deliver high-quality products. The company distributes and manufactures high-power, high-frequency electronic components and sub-assemblies for more than 20,000 customers in OEM and end-user (MRO) markets. For over 75 years, Richardson Electronics has been the industry-leading global provider of engineered solutions, power grid, and microwave tubes. The company also provides solutions and adds value through design-in support, systems integration, prototype design and manufacturing, testing, logistics, and aftermarket technical service and repair.