PiBond: Silicon Chemistries for Future Microelectronic and Photonic applications

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Dr.Juha Rantala, Founder, PiBond, PiBondDr.Juha Rantala, Founder, PiBond
The semiconductor industry and parts of the broader Photonic industry share today certain technical challenges: how to generate patterns of increasingly small and complex dimensions as well as how to transfer these patterns to substrates. PiBond delivers solutions to both industries – relying on a broad experience in lithography underlayers and developing new solutions for both future semiconductor devices and smart, flat lenses used in a variety of applications.

Today, PiBond manufactures a broad range of key components or consumables required to manufacture microprocessors, memory chips, sensors, and displays – all integral parts of contemporary technological devices. In fact, PiBond is the only European company that manufactures lithographic materials for advanced semiconductor fabrication processes. Millions of gadgets utilise PiBond’s reliable materials for semiconductors and photonics today, like modern CPUs, GPUs, non-optical sensors, and memory devices that require long life cycles.

The company continues to develop critical materials for lithography processes to generate patterns on the most advanced semiconductors, and presently is the sole supplier that develops and manufactures such materials in Europe. PiBond extends its silicon chemistry for dielectrics in future devices, as well as optical materials and adhesives for photonic applications such as CMOS image sensors and advanced displays. PiBond’s ingenious line of products and services are tailored to meet the industry’s demanding performance and integration standards, and its state-of-the-art production facility enables experts to manufacture ultra-pure chemicals, enhancing the quality of products while eliminating possible defects.
PiBond is one of the select businesses in the world that creates the most intricate materials for “2nm” semiconductor chips and beyond. Extensive research in modern molecular science of siloxane and metal oxide chemistry has helped PiBond to engineer materials at a molecular level and discover new properties, empowering it to outperform its competition.

The company supplies and serves smaller, niche market segments with same rigor as larger applications, which enables the company to serve both small and large organisations. The company’s ability to bring the necessary flexibility in answering clients’ needs while providing the resources required to attain success is unmatched in the industry. For instance, unique optically clear materials with outstanding properties are finding increasing demand as they can be used in a wide variety of applications ranging from any device with a screen to future wafer-level optical packaging and photonic integrated circuits. PiBond addresses this demand by offering the finest materials for optical sensors, displays, and meta and integrated photonics. Its products for commercial fabrication of sophisticated chips have attracted numerous clients around the world, and the ease of having a convenient site for operation bolsters this flexible customer-centric service.

“We can reduce the complexity of the process flows to generate future semiconductor and photonic devices. PiBond views itself as a supplier with a focus on customer service and versatility,” says Juha Rantala, Founder, PiBond.

Founded in Europe, PiBond has diversified its operations across Asia and the U.S., garnering comprehensive knowledge of industry requirements and having developed the necessary instrumentation technology and an equally qualified workforce.
  • We can reduce the complexity of the process flows to generate future semiconductor and photonic devices. PiBond views itself as a supplier with a focus on customer service and versatility

The unique electrical characteristics of silicon have, to a large extent, enabled the microelectronics industry, and the global digitalisation with all that it involves. While the semiconducting substrate silicon is critical to the value chain for integrated circuits, less attention is often directed to the myriad of other silicon-based materials which are equally much needed to fabricate these semiconductor devices. Thus, both microelectronics and silicon chemistry form vital building blocks of modern consumer electronics, as well as emerging photonic applications. To bring these products to fruition, OEMs must consider multiple electrical, thermal, and optical parameters to ensure desired performance characteristics and efficiency measures while developing the components. PiBond exists to achieve and deliver on that.
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Dr.Juha Rantala, Founder, PiBond

PiBond is a manufacturer of metal-organic monomers and polymers, and siloxanes for the semiconductor and photonics industry. It commercially produced advanced materials like photolithography, spin-on dielectrics, and photo-dielectrics which are customised to meet specific customer needs.