Photodigm: Trailblazers in Laser Diode Manufacturing

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Numerous players dot the semiconductor device manufacturing landscape, leveraging their domain expertise to develop advanced diodes and transistors. Among them, Photodigm is a frontrunner, as the only 100 percent US-based manufacturer of the Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) laser, consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions to their global customer base since 2000.

Photodigm, with its extensive experience in III-V semiconductor fabrication and photonics design, sets the standard in laser diode manufacturing. The company designs and produces robust and efficient monolithic laser diodes for a variety of applications in cold atom optics, atomic and molecular spectroscopy, metrology, terahertz sensing, and biomedical frequency-resolved diagnostics that require high beam quality and spectral purity. Photodigm’s range of high-precision, single spatial and longitudinal mode laser diodes have helped cement its position as a leading semiconductor device manufacturer.

“We use state-of-the-art technology to design and develop our laser products with engineering and manufacturing best practices to always deliver the highest value to our customers,” says Bob Davis, VP of Sales and Marketing at Photodigm.

As a vertically integrated laser diode manufacturing company, Photodigm is distinguished among the semiconductor device industry with their security of supply chain. The entire laser diode is designed, manufactured, tested, and packaged in Photodigm’s Richardson, Texas wafer fabrication facility. This enables Photodigm to deliver high-quality single-frequency DBR laser diodes optimized to meet their customer’s precise application requirements with shorter lead times even amid global supply chain disruptions.
Based on gallium arsenide and gallium nitride material systems, Photodigm uses advanced design and fabrication methods to integrate, in a single growth, the Bragg grating and laser gain ridge onto a single chip design, resulting in the DBR laser.

Leveraging their DBR technology, Photodigm simulates and fine-tunes the required laser parameters for the customer before even starting the fabrication process. Based on the simulation, the team fabricates the semiconductor design to form the final DBR laser diode. Every DBR laser is tested at various points in the process to ensure the product meets its expected performance. After packaging the DBR laser chip, Photodigm performs final testing to the customer’s requirements and delivers the finished product, along with the test data.
  • We use state-of-the-art technology to design and develop our laser products with engineering and manufacturing best practices to always deliver the highest value to our customers

“We’re an epitaxy-to-package provider with extensive industry knowledge and technical insights that allow us to customize our laser solutions,” Annie Xiang, Director of Product at Photodigm.

Apart from being experts in laser diode design, manufacturing, and packaging, the team has a deep understanding of market applications.

For instance, a client had trouble solving the tuning issues of their handheld Raman spectroscopy device to analyze the chemical makeup of pharmaceutical products, so Photodigm’s engineering team collaborated with the client to manufacture a custom solution for a faster thermal tuning response, allowing more precise data capture. It also utilized two different wavelengths in the laser system that extended the tuning capabilities of the device by a significant margin.

Photodigm has earned the trust and confidence of a worldwide clientele including several government contracts with the Office of Naval Research, which confirms their ability to innovate and provide solutions in commercial, defense, and space applications.

Photodigm has scaled rapidly this year to produce almost 5000 lasers—up from only hundreds in prior years. They now provide a wide range of standard and fully customized packaged precision laser diodes for their global customer base and are confidently positioned to continue that trajectory in 2023.
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Richardson, TX

Bob Davis, VP, Sales and Marketing

Photodigm is a designer and manufacturer of monolithic laser diodes using its proprietary DBR technology. As a vertically integrated company, Photodigm has full control of its supply chain, which translates into better quality laser products delivered to customer specifications with shorter lead times