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Michael Arnold, Managing Director, PEER Group GmbHMichael Arnold, Managing Director
Semiconductors are an integral part of the modern world. Manufacturers of these ubiquitous devices are increasing chip performance, functionality and complexity while simultaneously shrinking their size through various integration and stacking techniques. Manufacturers and suppliers automate material handling and storage processes by implementing intelligent factory automation software solutions that maximize productivity and reduce labour costs.

However, a standardized, factory-wide network of connected machines which allows for data collection and control of the factory IT systems, has not yet reached a point of plug-and-play compatibility. Furthermore, these tools lack the functionalities to support next-gen automation setups. PEER Group, a factory automation software supplier, alleviates these challenges by offering bespoke communication and operational solutions to factories and OEMs.

PEER Group is the largest automation software supplier for semiconductor OEMs and factories and has a persistent record in providing services and solutions to manufacturing companies. The firm helps lower the cost of automation for its customers by solving their most challenging equipment automation, data management, and process control problems.

“We provide our automation software solutions and services to semiconductor factories to accelerate factory automation and factory ramp up,” states Michael Arnold, Managing Director.

PEER Group serves factories, supporting their integrating and automation capabilities to drive efficient and timely delivery of machine tools.
The company consults factories and OEMs to meet factory requirements such as the standardized communication and operational setups required for automation. PEER Group understands the complexity and challenges of data communication and the control that needs to be addressed between the factory IT systems and the machines.

The company adopts a flexible approach by designing specialized equipment integration software to handle these challenges, such as the Equipment Automation Framework ( EAF). EAF is scalable, expandable, future-proof, and it is designed to comprehensively address the semiconductor and other industry’s needs.

At the core of PEER Group’s success is a combination of its extensive portfolio of products with deep industry expertise and competencies, along with intuitive client engagement methodology. PEER Group works with its customers and stakeholders to define the automation requirements that best fit their needs. This is followed by running a fab-approved setup using DiDaCT, a flexible testing product used by semiconductor factories and OEMs that verifies the fulfillment of specifications. When a machine arrives at the factory, PEER Group’s EAF is integrated into the factory IT systems, thus reducing efforts for the factory. PEER Group utilizes its in-depth equipment integration experience to deliver the most comprehensive solution, pushing them ahead of competitors in the market.
  • We provide our products and services to semiconductor factories, which accelerate factory automation and factory ramp up

PEER Group was approached by one of the top ten chip manufacturers to standardize their machine integration using the EAF solution, along with DiDaCT for machine testing. The software rollout for this company was designed to cover both frontend and backend manufacturing for both new and existing tools. Moreover, they needed functionalities that matched the integration needs of manufacturing sites. The software rollout by PEER Group simplified the migration and harmonization of the factory IT solutions across all the production sites. Such regulations based on a modern solution significantly reduce the post-rollout and maintenance efforts of the equipment integration solution.

By delivering scalability, performance, and reliability to its clients worldwide with its portfolio of holistic software integration solutions, PEER Group is committed to enabling the factory-wide interconnection of machines to allow tools, factories, and operators to reach their full potential.
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PEER Group GmbH

PEER Group GmbH

Dresden, Germany

Michael Arnold, Managing Director

PEER Group is the largest supplier of factory automation software for OEMs and factories in the semiconductor and related industries, helping lower automation costs for its clientele by solving the most challenging equipment automation, data management and process control problems.