Why is Ultra-Thin Transistor a Promising Innovation?

The ultra-thin semiconductor is the next step towards miniaturization that will allow improved electronic device capabilities.

FREMONT, CA: Transistors are constantly getting smaller and faster with the advancements and research. However, there has been a slowdown in the rate of reduction in the transistors’ size from the past few years. According to Shin-Etsu MicroSi, the next wave of miniaturization will be made possible by the new “two-dimensional (2-D) materials” that comprises only a single atomic layer.  

With the help of a new insulator designed from calcium fluoride, technologists have come up with an ultra-thin transistor with excellent electrical properties. The ultra-thin transistor can be miniaturized to an even smaller size possible. Ultra-thin semiconductors can be built from 2-D materials containing just a few atomic layers. The presence of an ultra-thin insulator in the ultra-thin transistor will ensure that the electrode that generates an electric field in the transistor is electrically insulated from the semiconductor. 

In case an ultra-thin semiconductor is combined with a thick layer of insulation material, the insulator surface can influence the electronic properties of the semiconductor. Alternatively, ultra-thin semiconductor materials such as ionic crystals, which are transistors of just a few nanometers, can result in improved properties of the electronic devices. The electronic properties are improved as the ionic crystals have an extremely regular surface. Such regular surfaces do not disturb the electric field of the devices such as a transistor.

After the success of ultra-thin semiconductors, researchers are trying to find out combinations of semiconductors and insulators that will work together for the optimal results. The ultra-thin transistor will propel the computer industry towards technological innovations. Though it may take a few years for the technology to be leveraged for commercially available computer chips, the breakthrough certainly marks the next step in the field of semiconductor innovation. 

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