What are the Advantages of Silicon Photonics

Photonics-based computing uses less energy and can spread information more rapidly than other conventional approaches.

FREMONT, CA: Every day the world is increasing its appetite for data, and it is driven by the applications that range from social network and streaming media to genomics-driven medicine, and even with a concept of connected tools in the Internet of Things (IoT). In the past few years, the industry has seen massive growth in mobile computing. As per the United Nations telecommunications agency, the number of mobile phone subscribers was equalizing with the number of humans on Earth by 2013. On the contrary, landline phones have never reached above 25 per cent among the global population.

However, there are also some challenges with the data-intensive world, and it is in the level of consumer devices where the data rates are increasing to the ability of conventional interconnecting technologies. Furthermore, the critical issue is with the traditional electronic data systems where the wires have to be charged and discharged so it can send minimum data from one point to another. The microscopic wires that are available in the RAM and CPU chips take more time and energy to charge and discharge. Almost all power goes through communications and not with logic.

Most of the problems can be significantly decreased if the cables and switches are configured for interacting, so that utilizes the photon than electrons. The photons are necessary because computing and communications reach beyond new opportunities for logic and processing along with few approaches to quantum computing. However, the photonic connections have their benefits such as capacity, speed, scalability, longer-ink lengths, and parallelism. The consumer applications can also enjoy some advantage from it.

It is not easy to conduct the production procedure of the photonic tools. The retail business  can overcome the challenges if they come up with the high-throughput photonic interconnects in the mainstream with the assistance of the intelligent machines that are needed for engineering and few micro-robotic industrial automation technologies.

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