Technologies Support To Enhance Food Safety Measures

Food safety is crucial in the food industry, not only for the consumer but also for the brand's image. Food safety technology can help food service establishments ensure that food is stored, prepared, and served safely.

Any company's biggest nightmare is a food safety incident. Employees are usually busy, and a forgotten handwashing, incorrectly stored meat, or a missed line check can lead to a foodborne illness eruption that can quickly damage a company's reputation. With one in every six Americans being sick from foodborne illnesses yearly and two-thirds of attacks in restaurants, it's vital to take food safety seriously for customers and businesses.

Following are the leading technologies that are helping to improve the food safety measures are:

Inspection apps

Internal and external audit compliance might be complex, but it doesn't have to be a nightmare. Shifting audits from spreadsheets to a platform designed to support companies in carrying out and tracking food safety standards is one of the easiest ways to attain this. Automatic HACCP logging, avoiding employee fraud, advising corrective actions, and more are things businesses may support by food safety technologies, food safety software, or cloud-based apps.

Automated monitoring

Sensors in coolers, freezers, and different rooms where food is stored are becoming a must-have for many organizations. One can rapidly address the problem without throwing out a freezer full of food if there is a food safety technology, such as sensors that signal authorities when the temperature climbs above safe holding temperatures. This type of constant monitoring guarantees that food is safely stored in a manner that manual checks cannot.


Avoiding foodborne infections needs consistent, clear labeling for prepared meals. Automated labeling can support restaurants that utilize a commissary or have freshly made menu items to stay in compliance with regulatory standards. In addition, automatic food labeling, particularly when combined with a whole restaurant management solution, relieves kitchen employees of significant work.