Semiconductor lasers: Why are they gaining popularity?

The emergence of semiconductor lasers offers an advanced and affordable solution to processes relying on advanced laser applications.

FREMONT, CA: A semiconductor laser is swiftly becoming one of the most widely utilized laser systems. A semiconductor laser’s structure can be understood via a three-tier breakdown. The medium portion is the junction of the forward-biased P-N diode, which is placed between two metal contacts. A minimum current density is required for laser production. The laser output becomes active once the least current density is reached.

The main cause behind the popularity of semiconductor lasers is that they produce light with an efficiency that surpasses almost every other laser system. Moreover, laser diodes have long operating lifetimes. Laser diodes are also simple to operate as compared to other laser systems. While these factors contribute to the fame of semiconductor lasers, here are some of their other major benefits and applications.

Semiconductor or diode laser has a fairly simplistic construction compared to other lasers. Its small size adds to the comfort and ease of usability. The process within the p-n junction is also very efficient due to a low power requirement for diodes. Optical communication is progressively gaining traction in the modern world.

Laser diodes operating in the near-infrared are perfect signal beams for optical data transmission because of their coherent output. This property of a diode laser also makes it highly efficient in single-mode fibres for large transmission distances.

Spectroscopy & medicine are two other parts where diode laser can add value. Diode lasers are becoming highly common in spectroscopy due to their higher power capabilities, narrow bandwidth, and ease of operations. Diode laser also contributes to various medical applications due to its reliability, brightness, and compact size. For instance, Photodynamic therapy (PDT) and non-invasive surgical procedures benefit from incorporating semiconductor lasers.

The advantages of semiconductor lasers make them the first choice for various industries and verticals.