New OLED Display Series Enriching Touch Detection

A new OLED display series enables touch detection on the existing display module structure. 

FREMONT, CA: One of the leading OLED manufacturers, WiseChip Semiconductor Inc., has launched touch OLED display series. The new OLED display series enable touch detection on the existing display module structure. Its thinner stack-up structure enhances the display quality of the panel and characterizes high brightness, high contrast ratio, and wide viewing angle. The OLED supports up to four key zones for gesture identification touch detection: single tap, double-tap, long tap and slide gestures (up/down and left/right), wet-finger operation, and glove operation. 

The OLED enables no false touch operating with water spray and 2cc water drop. Such features make serious products suitable and famous as the top embedded solution for industrial, portable, medical, and smart appliances already. WiseChip has gained a steady market share rate in small-to-medium-size OLED display. Standard panel series starting from 0.33 to 5.5 inches provide the varied and flexibility to power the next generation of consumer products. The company has been specializing in manufacturing Monochrome Displays for many years, offering Organic Light-Emitting Diode, OLED Screen, OLED Display, OLED Light Panel, etc. WiseChip is a leading innovator of PMOLED technology. The new OLED display series have high contrast ratio (10000:1), fast response time (≦ 10μs), free viewing angle, thinner, lighter and durable, wide temperature range (-40°C~85°C)m apply to most products from any area, no need of backlight, self-emitting, trend of displays and leading the green vision.

WiseChip Semiconductor, Inc. delivers a cutting edge OLED ecosystem technology and actively pursuing a compelling vision with high aspirations for the future. The company's objective is to provide more realistic and vivid images beyond what the human vision can feel through its display technology. With industry-pioneering R&D and production performance, WiseChip Semiconductor is dedicated to offering unmatched products, driving growth and innovation in the industry.