New Ethernet Adapter to Accelerate Network and Security Performance

A new Ethernet controller FPGA engine is stepping towards supporting the current and future customers that are demanding further disaggregation of their 5G networks. 

FREMONT, CA: A leading supplier of data processing offloads solutions on programmable hardware for accelerating telco/cloud networks, Ethernity Networks has unveiled ENET-D, an add-on Ethernet Controller technology. ENET-D is an Ethernet adapter and DMA engine that efficiently processes millions of data flows and offers performance acceleration to networking and security appliances. ENET-D, eliminating the requirement for proprietary hardware on a network interface card, advances complete disaggregation at the edge of the network, by fitting into various FPGAs and enabling customers to avoid ASIC-based components further.

The disaggregation adds flexibility to the network, saving operators significantly on operating expenses like power consumption and physical space on the NIC. As ENET-D is deployed on fully programmable FPGA hardware, it eradicates the necessity to replace monolithic ASIC-based hardware with upgrades or new devices. Replacing field-deployed hardware to support new functionality costs up to five times the initial cost of the hardware itself. ENET-D can be combined with the company's ENET Flow Processor and run on Ethernity's cost-optimized and affordable ACE-NIC100 FPGA SmartNIC to provide a complete Router-on-a-NIC with integrated Ethernet controller. ENET-D is capable of connecting to multiple virtual machines, containers, or virtual networking functions.

Ethernity Networks delivers innovative, comprehensive networking and security solutions on programmable hardware to accelerate telco/cloud networks. Ethernity's FPGA logic provides complete Carrier Ethernet Switch Router data processing and control software with a robust set of networking features, strong security, and a wide range of virtual function accelerations to optimize telecommunications networks. Ethernity's complete solutions quickly adapt to consumers' changing needs, enhancing time-to-market, and facilitating the implementation of 5G, edge computing, and NFV.