Microelectronics Designs and Challenges

Microelectronics Designs and Challenges

Micro design that does not solve the issues of microelectronics because of increasing board density will not meet its full potential or may not function at all.

FREMONT, CA: The single most significant factor driving companies towards the direction of microelectronics is consumer demand. It is also essential to understand the increasing popularity of wearables and the Internet of Things, causing the evolution of microelectronics devices and parts. Companies are collaborating with design or manufacturing houses, uncovering the possibilities in microelectronics and directing their efforts accordingly.

The disadvantage of microelectronics is that, as the size becomes smaller, circuit boards become denser. Designers need to add more input/output into a smaller space and put the different pads as close together as possible. Along with the pitch, the trace and space become tighter, which creates signal reliability issues.

As the trace becomes smaller in a typical circuit board, the signal on it loses its energy. This is because it is challenging to guarantee uniform traces for signals when depending on subtractive circuit board printing methods on the micro-level.

This can create huge problems for microelectronics. Also, weaker signal strength will result in decreased battery life. This is a significant problem for electronics in various spaces. Micro design that does not solve the issues of microelectronics because of increasing board density will not meet its complete potential or may not function at all.

Another challenge is that the growing microelectronics market is driving companies to struggle with this technology for the first time. For instance, a health tech company may be interested in the potential for a new device that utilizes microfabrication to minimize the amount of blood needed to be drawn for testing. But the company may not have an in-house design team to work on developing microelectronics. Therefore, the team will have to collaborate with a third-party design or manufacturing house proficient in microelectronic.

The transition to new space and relationships creates high uncertainty and substantially obscures efforts to advance with new microelectronics applications and designs.

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