MASS Group Announces the Integration of ScannerIO to Automate Data Collection and WIP Processing

MASS Group introduces ScannerIO which provides their multi-tenant, multi-instant, cloud-based Traceability Made Easy® (TME®) MES solution the ability to automate manufacturing digital work instructions for data collection from Bluetooth, barcode, RFID, and IoT devices.

LAS VEGAS  - Manufacturing Automation & Software Systems, Inc. dba MASS Group, Inc., is announcing the release of a new IoT Platform software solution, Scanner IO, that will complement their robust Traceability Made Easy® (TME®) MES and MOM solution. It will digitally transform and automate the scanning and data collecting processes in the manufacturing industry.

ScannerIO is a high-performing platform software solution that will automate WIP processing while reducing operator intervention and overall labor requirements. Completely in-house, cost-effective, and intended for discrete and process manufacturing, this emerging technology will eliminate the repeated need for programming required by distributors, integrators, and end-users to log data into a variety of output formats. The need to program the logic when items are scanned at mass is no longer required as ScannerIO automates the scanners and digital travelers. The software solution has the ability to seamlessly swap between manual and automated steps in MES and will provide clear visibility to data for every work order, without any operator involvement, and synthesize that information to improve any manufacturing process through workflow management. The digital transformation of ScannerIO will build a foundational system that empowers workers and manufacturers to optimize their production processes.

MASS Group's release of ScannerIO was initiated to complement Data Logic's hardware solution with the intent of transforming the way manufacturers scan items and collect data. By having an all-powerful and already built manufacturing execution systems software solution (TME® MES), MASS Group's mission is to exceed regular MES expectations by enhancing and automating the data collection and scanning processes within a manufacturer's workflow.