Major Trends Impacting Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Market.

The major trends discussed below are highly impacting the semiconductor manufacturing equipment market, which shows a positive outlook for the forecast period 2021-2027.

FREMONT, CA: The semiconductor manufacturing equipment market has achieved huge lucrative opportunities owing to the expansion of the electronic industry, driven by the advancements in the gaming industry, growing proclivity towards electric and hybrid vehicles, and the flourishing demand for consumer electronics. This is also impacting the increasing demand for several semiconductor manufacturing tools for building sensors, PMIC, memory ICs, system-on-chips, microprocessors, etc. Major semiconductor companies have initiated actions for ongoing business expansion which are further improving the industry landscape. In 2021, the beginning of two new factories - which will accommodate the company's highly advanced chip making technology - in the U.S., by the leading chipmaker Intel, was a notable instance of such initiatives. The semiconductor manufacturing equipment market's worth is expected to reach more than 90 billion dollars by 2027, according to the report released by Global Market Insights, Inc.

In order to meet consumer demands and earn a competitive edge in the market, major companies in the industry are focusing on the development of innovative semiconductor manufacturing devices. For instance, to support the capabilities of the T2000 test platform, Advantest Corporation, in 2020, launched two general-purpose hardware equipment, digital and power supply modules which are designed for utilization in the volume manufacturing of SoC chips, CMOS image sensors, automotive sensors, and power management ICs. For manufacturing integrated circuits (ICs), MEMS sensors, optics, compound semiconductors, and chipsets, the largely adopted processes are polishing and grinding. These processes are more frequent owing to the growing preference for miniaturized ICs in electronics as it helps to reduce subsurface damage and maintain wafer flexibility. This rising demand for the process encourages the market players to focus on developing new products which are creating a positive impact on business growth.

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