Latest LiDAR Technology Elevating the Standards of Automotive PDE and Imaging

The latest LiDAR technology is taking photon detection efficiency and image resolution to newer heights.

FREMONT, CA: ON Semiconductor has introduced its latest LiDAR technology front-and-center among the company's automotive solutions. The company is recognized as the pioneering provider of detectors for LiDAR. ON Semiconductor has introduced the first, high-resolution, wide field-of-view (FoV) Single Photon avalanche diode (SPAD) array family designed for short-, mid- and long-range LiDAR applications. SPAD arrays are low-light photon detectors, delivering concurrent monochromatic images and depth maps of a scene, making them ideal for time-of-flight (ToF) applications. Low-density versions of the technology have been used in customer applications, not working beyond 2 meters, and are not reliable enough in bright lighting conditions.

ON Semiconductor's latest LiDAR technology is far more resilient and can be used with a variety of scene illumination architectures for ToF, comprising flash and scanning. ON Semiconductor's SPAD-based silicon photomultiplier tech is the detector of choice in the LiDAR industry for its high manufacturing uniformity, single-photon sensitivity, and high gain and photon detection effectiveness compared to legacy detectors like avalanche photodiodes (APD). ON Semiconductor is thrilled to highlight its LiDAR partners, who have designed the latest AEC-Q101 qualified R-Series detectors for achieving long-distance ranging.

ON Semiconductor is fueling energy-efficient innovations, empowering consumers to promote sustainable energy consumption. The company is a pioneering supplier of semiconductor-based solutions, providing a broad portfolio of features such as energy-efficiency, timing, power management, discrete, logic, and connectivity. The company's products support engineers in solving their unique design difficulties in aerospace, consumer, communications, automotive, computing, industrial, medical, and defense applications. ON Semiconductor operates a dependable, world-class quality program and supply chain, a substantial compliance and ethics program, and a chain of manufacturing facilities and sales offices in key markets.