Key Power Electronics Trends to Know

The expansion of applications such as data centers, electric vehicles, digital health systems, and automated manufacturing would be severely restricted without advancements in power management technologies.

Fremont, CA: The role of power electronics system design includes all those applications that are becoming increasingly energy demanding and play a crucial role in the global warming problem. Because electricity is an essential component in any electronic application, any system design strategy should prioritize efficiency and performance.

Electric vehicles are the most effective solution to reduce the transportation sector's carbon footprint by replacing internal combustion engines. From generation to the road, improved efficiency, higher power density, and compact power electronics will improve vehicle fuel economy and minimize CO2 emissions.

In the following months and years, there will be a lot of need for better and more efficient power management and supply. Power electronics optimization usually begins at the board level, where every millimeter counts. As a result, engineers must design circuits with ever-larger densities, higher efficiency, and improved reliability while minimizing form factors to make installation easier.

Wide bandgap materials like gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide are gaining traction in the industry (SiC). Power semiconductors based on GaN and SiC technologies offer a road to more efficient power delivery in industrial settings while also supporting the growth of the renewable energy sector. GaN chargers and adapters will be accessible in most OEM brands for usage with smartphones, laptops, and other devices, as well as chargers that deliver greater (100W and more) and faster charging power levels.

We will see a trend toward more unified integration of functionalities into GaN-based power devices in the next years, allowing circuits to be built with less external components, smaller space, and reduced design time, all while enabling more efficient, high power density designs.

Electrification of vehicles and 5G communications will be significantly widespread. For high-power GaN and SiC products, electric vehicles open up a slew of new possibilities. 5G is also gaining traction, and it's not just base stations that need electricity; small cell installations on the ground also require efficient systems.

Testing and assessing the staying power of electronic equipment is another way of determining their quality and endurance because of its tremendous potential to create more efficient power conversion since its birth as the major disruptor in power electronics applications, testing to evaluate Gallium Nitride (GaN) or Silicon Carbide value is vital.

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