Is the Semiconductor Industry Growing?

The semiconductor industry is growing, especially in semiconductors.

FREMONT, CA: Semiconductors are increasingly used in vehicles (particularly with the rise of autonomous driving).

AI, in particular, is expected to contribute to growth in the semiconductor industry. PWC reports that the market for AI-related semiconductors will grow in revenue to more than $30 billion by 2022 at an annual growth rate of nearly 50%.

Traditional systems on chips (SoCs) remain critical in the semiconductor industry. However, memory chips will maintain the largest market share by 2022. And silicon chips will still dominate into the 2040s.

To set your semiconductor business up for success in the future, it will be critical to embrace new technology trends.

Key Trends

Several key trends are shaping the future of semiconductors. These include new technologies and broadened markets, but we also see novel uses of existing technology through 2.5D packaging with chiplets on mature process nodes, for example.

Leveraging New Technologies

Today, three key technology trends are driving the future of the semiconductor industry:

Open-source hardware is disrupting the market and changing how companies think about design.

IoT increases the demand for cost-effective semiconductors.

5G accelerates demand for high-performance computing devices.

How to Solve Semiconductor Design Challenges With Methodics IPLM

You can solve semiconductor design problems with Methodics IPLM.

Enable Full TraceabilityWithout traceability, you’ll lose track of which IPs are used.

A platform like Methodics IPLM allows you to track what you’ve built, what’s available, and what can be reused. By getting traceability from requirements to design to verification, you can avoid re-spins and improve communication of requirements change.

1. Enable IP Reuse

Because semiconductor designs are so complex, design teams can’t stay on top of them. And that leads to missed time-to-market windows.

This can be solved by allowing and encouraging IP reuse.

Methodics IPLM makes it easy to identify and reuse IPs. This means you can design an IP — or a variant — once and then reuse it. This accelerates time-to-market and drastically reduces costs.

2. Maintain a Single Source of Truth

With acquisitions of other companies or expansions of design teams, it’s more critical than ever to maintain a single source of truth.

With Methodics IPLM, you can federate all of your design data and metadata from design silos in your company and improve the communication of that information across design teams.

3. Improve Collaboration, Even When Security of IP Is Needed

Collaboration is becoming ever more critical in the semiconductor space. Design teams are spread around the world. And in particular, there’s been a rise in China in semiconductor manufacturing.

This adds to the complexity of collaborating on chip design. In addition, because of export laws, you’ll need strong IP security.

This means that to collaborate with design teams worldwide, teams in China will need to work on designs — without having access to all designs.

Using Methodics IPLM, global design teams can gain collaboration backed by security.

Your Platform for the Future of Semiconductors: Methodics IPLM

Methodics IPLM is your ideal platform to design the future of semiconductors. Whether your organization is a semiconductor manufacturer or you’re an electronics company just getting into chip design, Methodics IPLM is the solution for you.

That’s why Methodics IPLM is trusted by 9 of the 10 top semiconductor companies.

“Methodics IPLM offered a strong solution by providing users with a collaborative platform to carry out IP reuse more efficiently and in a sustainable, extensible way.”

— Executive Director, EDA Engineering, Maxim Integrated, Rick Stawicki

The top semiconductor companies trust Methodics IPLM to accelerate time-to-market and generate revenue faster while maintaining full traceability and IP security.

Connect with one of our IP experts today to schedule a live demo, get answers to your questions, and access evaluation resources to see how Methodics IPLM can benefit your business.