Industry 4.0: What does it Mean for Semiconductor Manufacturing?

Changing market requirements are demanding semiconductor manufacturers to adapt to the reality of the smart factory.

FREMONT, CA: Semiconductor manufacturing is becoming increasingly competitive as consumers demand higher-performing devices with greater functionality. To boost competitiveness and achieve higher operational excellence, semiconductor makers are adopting industry 4.0 manufacturing techniques. Know more here.

For semiconductor manufacturing, the increased flexibility and productivity of industry 4.0 models will make it possible to meet the increasing demand for greater manufacturing mixes and individualized products at much lower costs. The nature of the product being manufactured in industry 4.0 environment means that there may also be the opportunity and added benefit for devices to hold their own information without the need for additional electronics. The information gathered from the devices used in Industry 4.0 also makes it easier to account for the cost of each device, resulting in better business strategy and product pricing.

Semiconductor components interacting with machines and having the information they need about the processing steps create a smart marketplace. The concept of Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) is already prevalent in the semiconductor industry. This means that processing steps can be geographically distributed, and the smart marketplace bidding can extend throughout the world. Industry 4.0 also gives the semiconductor industry all the tools it needs for a smart, highly efficient manufacturing environment that can boost production flexibility while reducing both costs and production times.

Semiconductor manufacturers who can adapt more quickly to industry 4.0 will gain a competitive edge and ultimately will be the ones that survive and grow for the future. Semiconductor manufacturers will be able to produce in the future context without industry 4.0, but costs will be much higher. With the dawn of Industry 4.0, semiconductor manufacturing is moving into the new era that brings enormous benefits.

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