How Wireless Communication Upgrades Semiconductor Industry Offerings

Greater dependence on wireless technology has led to increased demands on the current wireless infrastructure, forcing semiconductor manufacturers to upgrade their offerings to handle the increase in traffic. 

FREMONT, CA: Today, wireless technology has become the communication standard between people and their devices. On a broader level, the present world operates on a large-scale wireless platform where constant connectivity is the norm. Semiconductors for wireless communications enable this demand for seamless communication. Realizing this market opportunity, semiconductor vendors are currently advancing their offerings by integrating wireless connectivity on the same silicon, making them cheaper. 

Rapid advancements in wireless communication networks are increasing the demand for semiconductors catering to wireless communication requirements. Factors such as growing trends of the internet of things benefiting over cost, rigid nature of traditional semiconductors, and rising adoption of portable consumer electronic devices are prominent drivers accelerating the adoption of semiconductors for wireless communications. One long-term opportunity for wireless-communications semiconductor makers is the rise of machine-to-machine computing, which spans a broad range of applications. In the automobile industry, tracking features are allowing for the reduction of insurance premiums, and in the smart grid arena, it will enable sensors to report power outages.

The introduction of LTE being rapidly introduced in the marketplace by telecommunication operators came as a surprise to many players in the semiconductor industry. With LTE, the use cases of mobile internet have created a strong pull, giving way to customers’ need for faster connectivity on their devices. It has also created opportunities for semiconductor manufacturers to shape their standards. Following the growing trends of smart technology and appliances, secure wireless communication applications is more critical than ever. This places new demands on the semiconductor industry from customers who need reliable, energy-efficient wireless communication designs that can securely handle high traffic without issues.

The market for wireless communications is one of the fastest-growing segments in the semiconductor industry. Fast-paced innovation, rapid changes in communication standards, the entry of new players, and the evolution of new market segments will lead more disruptions across the semiconductor industry

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