How Smart Fabrications Contribute to Semiconductor Sector

Smart fabrication enhances semiconductor equipment’s efficiency by boosting communication among various components.  
Fully automated factory systems are increasingly becoming a necessity in semiconductor manufacturing, especially in the modern ultra-competitive markets. The growing use of semiconductors in new applications, the shorter product life-cycles and the need to quickly set up advanced fabrication techniques around applications is driving the semiconductor industry. The use of smart fabrication enables manufacturers to achieve significantly better yields, cycle times, quality, output, and flexibility. These capabilities are being achieved while utilizing production assets more efficiently. Smart fabrications are also offsetting overall costs compared to the traditional fabrications, which were only partially automated.
According to Exyte, the smart fabrication concept indicates an integrated approach of all fabrication operating systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution system (MES), and facility monitoring and control (FMCS). The integration of these systems aids in the analysis of the interaction between supply chain management, process equipment manufacturing automation, and commercial management. Further, such an integrated platform can enable controlled access by a firm’s key suppliers for faster service response time and ease of communication resulting in enhanced reliability, responsiveness, and quality. 
The smart fabrication technology goes beyond the modern approach of the optimization of capital expenses, time to market, and quality during manufacturing and design. The new fabrication technology also focuses on constant improvement of operational expenditure during the semiconductor’s lifetime. Smart fabrications can achieve the above capabilities by efficiently integrating the supply chain while also accounting for the reliability and sustainability of the facility systems. The operational data from such integrated production lines can be used to analyze and optimize the overall capital expenses. When it comes to operations, smart fabrications allow each component the ability to communicate with other internal systems, thereby enhancing equipment performance as well as the overall system’s visibility.
The emergence of smart fabrication will enable semiconductor manufacturers to remain competitive in the dynamic market space.

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