How Semiconductors are Driving Innovations in Energy Storage Solutions

Cutting –edge technologies in the realm of semiconductors are giving rise to advanced energy storage solutions.

FREMONT, CA: Capabilities like fast charging are becoming highly desirable in all kinds of electric devices, including electric vehicles. Advancements in semiconductor technologies have enabled rapid progress in electric charging features. When compared to conventional components in semiconductors, some innovative components offer enhanced rates of charging, which are almost a hundred times better. Not just that, energy consumption, as well as production costs of these evolved semiconductors, are reasonably low. Taken together, these are significant advancements that can cater to the market demands for better energy storage solutions.

Silicon-based power semiconductors are expected to disappear from the rapidly modernizing ecosystems gradually. Devices are now coming with alternatives like gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC) battery charging. Driven by the demands from electric utility, automotive, and smartphone manufacturing sectors, the new alternatives are expected to be valued highly in the global markets. The dependency on silicon for battery charging applications brings in certain limitations like less power density and lower energy efficiencies. Gallium nitride gives substantially better performance under a variety of conditions.

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The benefits of using GaN instead of silicon are becoming apparent with the quick adoption of the GaN alternatives. According to an article published in the EE Times, the GaN solutions developed by a company called Navitas’ are making energy storage solutions lighter and faster. The fastest charging devices are going to use the solutions from this particular company. GaN has proved to be better in the chip area as well as switching frequency. The possibility of attaining an efficiency of up to 95 percent is now highly feasible since GaN allows soft-switching topology.

Integration is considered to be the key to modern energy storage capabilities using semiconductors. Thus, technology companies that have mastered integrated circuit designs have the upper hand when it comes to achieving the best storage properties. To support the connectivity and computing capabilities that advanced devices demand, GaN solutions are a must-have.

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