How is Semiconductor-based Neutron Detector Performing?

Here's how a semiconductor neutron detector uses lithium to detect thermal neutrons.

FREMONT, CA: With the capability to sense smuggled nuclear materials, highly effective neutron detectors are crucial for national security, medicine, crystallography, and astronomy. An article published in TECH EXPLORIST talks about semiconductors' ability to provide next-gen of neutron detectors competing with existing detectors in the market. Semiconductor neutron detectors have been manifested to have high proficiency in safety applications. A semiconductor neutron detector uses lithium for detecting thermal neutrons efficiently. The next-generation semiconductor neutron detectors are best of are reasonably abundant, affordable, alongside, exhibit the property of a strong neutron absorber.  

Studies show that high-level semiconductor detectors packed with boron are proficient in sensing incoming neutron direction vectors. Devices like portal monitors and nuclear safeguards can detect fissile materials, and they use gas-filled detectors. The main benefit of this semiconductor compared to other types of materials is that it is able to detect thermal neutrons directly. Studies revealed that lithium-indium-phosphorous-selenium creates a functional device, enriched with the lithium-6 isotope. Within nanoseconds, the resulting semiconductor neutron detector can detect thermal neutrons from even a fragile source. It also can discriminate between neutrons and other types of nuclear signals, such as gamma rays, preventing false alarms.

Semiconductor neutron detectors can be easily integrated into the prevailing electronics system as they speedy processing characteristics and compact size. The detectors can be used to design more compact neutron spectrometers at facilities where both elastic and inelastic neutron scattering operations are carried out. The lithium-based semiconductor neutron detector can very quickly detect thermal neutrons from even a fragile source. Directionally sensitive neutron detectors help in detecting nuclear threats with good accuracy.