How Innovative Approaches Upgrade Testing and Measurement Processes

The emerging technologies are upgrading the test and measurement processes, which leads to the accuracy and consistency of the performance of the mechanical or electronic device. 

FREMONT, CA: According to reports, the global electronics test and measurement technology market is predicted to hit $23 billion by 2021. The growth in test and measurement technology is highly influenced by the demands from various sectors, like semiconductor manufacturing, telecommunications, aerospace, and defense. Without test and measurement technologies, sectors can experience a tough time to achieve an accurate and consistent performance of mechanical or electronic devices. The arrangement leads to the concept of taking advantage of the rapidly growing technology.

Additive manufacturing supports advancement in the test and measurement industry. Such technology proves to be the enabler of geometrically complex sensor configurations. With the help of 3D printing, integrated sensors for testing and measurement can operate even at lesser costs. 3D printed metallic housing for the compressor inlet temperature sensor can resist extreme temperatures and airflows, which makes it popular in the present market.

IoT-enabled devices, such as smart appliances and medical wearables, require test and measurement sensors that are smaller in size with more power-efficient. The continuous growth of the market for wearables and smart appliances increases the demands for more sensors-incorporated with integrated circuits and micro-mechanical systems. The arrival of 5G technology boosts the growth of IoT devices by enhancing the speed, responsiveness, capacity, and latency of wireless communications.

Test and measurement engineers can expect new sensing applications in the future years. Industry experts predict that the internet of disposable things with sensors made of paper or plastic embedded in food packaging will soon be the market trend. By identifying the combination of gases associated with food decomposition, smart refrigerators can examine food-consumption safety. The coming future is full of promise for sensor swarms, biodegradable sensors, self-powered sensors, and micro-sensor implants that are powered by vibrations.

Mechanical and electronic devices are subject to numerous tests, which include functionality verification, physical inspection, and product-level functional testing. The emerging technologies can surely up-grade the test and measurement process by triggering more efficiency and reliability.

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