How are Semiconductor Tech Innovations Propelling Solar Cells?

Innovation in semiconductor technology is bringing about much-needed improvements in solar cells.

FREMONT, CA: The global movement to safeguard the environment and adopt sustainable practices has led to the popularization of non-conventional energy resources like solar energy. Solar generation facilities have evolved over the years to make solar energy feasible. The development of solar cells and solar panels has played a significant role in creating a bigger market for solar energy. Semiconductor technology is one of the core technologies behind the solar cells. Semiconductors allow harnessing of solar energy and thus have been revolutionary. However, the semiconductor materials conventionally used in solar cells have always been a spot of bother since they are harmful to the environment. 

Scientists, researchers, and industry leaders have continuously worked towards reaching higher levels of efficiency with solar cells. Making solar cells environmental friendly has also been a priority. In this context, Design News recently published an article about innovations regarding the making of non-toxic solar cells using a new semiconductor material. The perovskite solar cells have traditionally contained lead-based semiconductors. According to the published article, researchers have discovered a new semiconductor material containing barium, tellurium, bismuth, potassium, and oxygen.

Perovskites are considered to be better alternatives to silicon-based solar cells. However, perovskites are unstable and require improvements to be considered as a replacement. With the new developments in semiconductor materials, the probability of making perovskites usable in solar cells is growing. Subsequently, fabrication methods are also being explored to ensure the production of non-toxic solar panels from the individual cells. As these developments make innovative solar panels viable, the electric utility industry can expect a longer life and higher efficiencies for solar facility equipment. With time, the new interventions are also going to cost less. 

Given that affordability plays a significant role in the adoption of new technologies, the non-toxic solar panels, which are now at advanced stages of development, might see market acceptance as industrial manufacturing picks up and prices fall.

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