GlobalFoundries and Qualcomm Strike Deal on Advanced 5G RF Front-End Solutions

GF and Qualcomm are working together to develop cutting-edge 5G technologies that will provide unprecedented coverage and mobility.

Fremont, CA: GlobalFoundries (GF) is a prominent semiconductor manufacturer and the only one with a completely worldwide reach. GF provides feature-rich solutions that enable its clients to create new ubiquitous chip products for high-growth industries. GF offers a diverse variety of feature-rich process technology solutions and a one-of-a-kind combination of design, development, and fabrication services.

 GF, a significant player in feature-rich semiconductor manufacturing, and Qualcomm Global Trading PTE. Ltd., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., completed an RF collaboration on 5G multi-Gigabit speed RF front-end products for delivering the highest cellular speeds, superior coverage, and outstanding power efficiency in a sleek form factor will get extended.

"GlobalFoundries continues to lead in RF with feature-rich technology solutions for 5G," said Dr. Bami Bastani, senior vice president and general manager, mobile and wireless infrastructure strategic business unit at GF. "Our strong collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies includes sub-6 GHz to unlock everyday access to 5G, and cutting-edge mmWave technology to take 5G to the next level by delivering unmatched data speeds while continuing to provide the longest possible battery life for smartphones, computers, automobiles, network access points and many other 5G connected products."

Its partnership is the latest in GF's series of strategic efforts, and it demonstrates the company's dedication to revolutionize semiconductor manufacturing innovation by providing highly unique solutions.

"With accelerating demand for RF front-end products in a 5G world, robust low-power semiconductor solutions are critical," said Christian Block, senior vice president, and general manager, RFFE, QUALCOMM Germany RFFE GmbH. "Our collaboration with GlobalFoundries, and their leadership in RF-specific, feature-rich foundry solutions , helps to ensure that we're able to meet the high-performance requirements of our cutting-edge 5G products."