Enhancing Chip Design: How does Data Help?

Appropriate usage of data can help make chip design processes as sophisticated as the chips themselves.  

FREMONT, CA: The domain of chip design is quickly becoming a beneficiary of data and data analytics. Today, chip-makers have access to vast volumes of data. Applying data analytics to these immense volumes helps determine which sets of data are relevant in what context. Subsequently, design processes for chips can be improved to contribute towards enhanced chip sophistication. Data tracking has always been a component of the design and testing process during chip manufacturing. But the current crop of advanced tools has better features that facilitate aspects ranging from data accumulation and retrieval to data processing and analysis.

Conventionally, data was used to find anomalies and errors in chips design. Today, the functionality of data is expanding beyond that. With chip design solutions being driven by technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, the demand for data and analytics has increased. Relevant sets of data are vital to train AI ad ML algorithms and enable the creation of digital twins. The better the quality of data, the higher is the accuracy of the chip-design solutions.

By taking data analytics to the core of chip design and verification processes, chip manufacturers are also able to convert verification management from being coverage-driven to being metric-driven. The insights that data analytics delivers helps engineers uncover metrics that can actually determine the effectiveness of chip design flows. Going forward, the collected information can be added to strengthen design loops and eliminate the need for the presence of engineers. Thus, greater flexibility in chip design processes is expected to become the norm as data analytics capabilities find wider usage.

As chips attain critical value, the usefulness of properly analyzed data is assuming greater significance. By facilitating the development of modern chip-design tools, data is empowering a transformation in the chip manufacturing industry. Ultimately, the power of analytics will make the design and production processes for chips faster and more efficient than ever. 

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