Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Make up for 40 percent of Renault's Sales in 2022

In the past year, electrified models accounted for around a quarter of the Renault brand’s European sales and around a third in the first half of 2022.

FREMONT, CA: According to Renault’s senior executive speaking ahead of the Paris Motor Show, the percentage of fully electric and hybrid vehicles sold in Europe in 2022 has nearly doubled. The company is well-positioned to manage its intended move to electric cars (EVs) by 2030, said Fabrice Cambolive, the brand's Chief Operating Officer, to reporters at a pre-show event held in Aubervilliers (Seine-St-Denis). In Europe, they will be at 40 per cent this year.

Around a quarter of European sales for the Renault brand were made up of electrified models in 2021 and about a third in the first half of 2022. Renault has staked its future on the new Mégane and two small iconic models, a new Renault 5 and a new Renault 4, a small SUV that pays homage to its 4L, in the hopes that they will prevent it from falling behind newcomers like Tesla and new Chinese automakers or legacy heavyweights like Volkswagen and Stellaris. They will be made public during the Paris Auto Show.

The Renault group is expected to discuss its plan to establish a company centred on electrification and software, the primary emphasis of the car industry, at an investor day slated for November 8th. A different division will handle the legacy business of producing automobiles with internal combustion engines.

According to Cambolive of Renault, the European auto industry as a whole has seen a decline in new car orders over the past several months as a result of rising prices.

For several months, they have seen a decline in orders on a European scale of about 20 percent.

Despite the reduction, Cambolive continued, European new car registrations in 2022 should be more or less flat compared to 2021 unless ongoing supply chain issues, particularly a global shortage of semiconductor chips, substantially impair manufacturing.

In the past year, there was a motor show in Paris that over a million people attended. Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 show was postponed.