ATECO Inc Announces New Customer Wins In The Memory Market

South Korea – ATECO Inc, a South Korean company specializing in the design and development of memory test handler solutions, today announced that they have won orders from two of the largest memory manufacturers in the semiconductor industry for their “AD” product line, ATECO’s next-generation DDR5 module handler. 

Both customers have selected the “AD” product line based on its excellent throughput, low jam rate, and strong automation offering, all packaged in a compact footprint.  As a result of the compelling value proposition, ATECO has received orders for more than 12 “AD” module handlers, helping their customers increase production capacity at a time where supply is significantly constrained.

Thomas Lee, the Chief Executive Officer of ATECO Inc., said: “The handling and automation requirements, along with the demands of the memory market, are rapidly evolving.  DDR5 memory products are critical for the 5G era. In order to keep up with demand, suppliers require high-speed, highly parallel handlers with world-leading cycle times to help increase productivity.  Our patented technologies enable our customers to accelerate their production and delivery cycle, helping them keep up with demand and maintain their competitive edge in the memory industry.”

AEM acquired 26.59% of ATECO Inc.’s outstanding share capital in April this year. The AEM and ATECO Inc. partnership aims to enhance testing capabilities for the memory market. 

Chandran Nair, the Chief Executive Officer of AEM, said: “These new customers wins are evidence of the market-leading capabilities and cost-profile of ATECO Inc.’s handler technologies. We are confident that as we continue to combine our technology capabilities, we will be in a leading position to provide semiconductor test and handling solutions for markets such as advanced computing, 5G, and automotive electronics, and more.”