Alliance Memory's 1.8V, 128Mb Solutions Expands Multiple I/O Serial NOR Flash Memory

With support for single, dual, and quad SPI modes, these devices provide fast read speeds up to 133MHz and operate on a single power supply voltage ranging from 1.65V to 1.95V.

FREMONT, CA: Alliance Memory unveils AS25F series expansion, which offers multiple input and output serial NOR flash memory offerings with two new 1.8V, 128Mb devices. It supports single, dual, and quad SPI modes integrated with a QPI function. The AS25F1128MQ-70SIN and AS25F1128MQ-70WIN combine 133MHz performance with a fast program and 0.3 and 60 milliseconds of erase times.

Unveiled products operate from a single 1.65V to 1.95V power supply, with active read current as low as 5mA and power consumption of < 3µA typical in Deep Power-Down mode. They are available in 8-pin SOP Wide Body (208mils) and 8L WSON (6x5mm) packages. Alliance Memory's solutions offer consistent, long-term performance with 100,000 program/erase cycles.

It supports uniform 4KB, 32KB, and 64KB erase on the AS25F1128MQ-70SIN and AS25F1128MQ-70WIN. Wrap-around burst reading is available for 8/16/32/64bytes. They feature program/erase suspend, and resume. A 4K-bit secure OTP and block protection are advanced security features to prevent hostile access, accidental programming, and content erasure.

A series of serial NOR flash memory products provides enhanced performance for computing, consumer electronics, communications, and Internet of Things applications. Optical disc drives, DVD players, wireless LANs, cable modems, printers, set-top boxes, LCD, mobile and wearable devices, as well as digital cameras, are just some of the devices that can be integrated into chipsets for PCs, servers, laptops, optical disc drives, DVD players, wireless LANs, and cable modems.