Accelerating its AI at Scale Strategy

The leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation has announced progress on its AI at Scale strategic initiative.

FREMONT, CA: Schneider Electric (EPA: SU), the leader in the digital revolution of energy management and automation, has reported on the development of its AI at Scale strategic project. Since 2021, more than 200 employees have joined the organisation in AI-related roles, strengthening the company's foundations for allowing new income streams, cost savings, and effective working practices.

By hiring Philippe Rambach as its first Chief AI Officer, implementing an AI hub and spoke operating model globally, bringing on 200+ AI and data experts, submitting 18 AI technology patents, enhancing 15 solutions with AI capabilities, creating 20+ internal AI applications, and launching an AI knowledge base on, Schneider Electric has accelerated the growth of AI over the past year.

The AI Hub collaborates with all Schneider Electric business divisions and departments to address the most urgent customer concerns and prioritise AI use cases with the greatest customer value.

With an emphasis on effectiveness and sustainability, it has been working to develop additional AI applications for electrification, automation, and decarbonisation, including management of microgrids, alarm systems, and HVAC systems for buildings, control of electric vehicles (EVs), smart charging, asset management, and many more.

Offers like EcoStruxure Resource Advisor, EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor, or EcoStruxure Autonomous Production Advisor are a few examples of Schneider Electric products that use AI. AI to improve agility, decarbonisation, and data-driven decision-making. The benefits of resource efficiency and energy restraint on business profitability have never been more evident.

The AI developed by Schneider Electric is exemplary. The company introduced a virtual sales assistant as one of its internal AI apps, which offers a whole ecosystem of connected tools improving sales effectiveness with data-driven advice. It provides unique, practical insights like product suggestions, purchasing trends, or product discontinuation.

To provide significant efficiency and savings by 2025, the AI Hub is actively creating applications in customer service, finance, global supply chain, sales, HR, and other areas.