4 Semiconductor-Driven Trends in Automotive Landscape

Semiconductor innovations are largely influencing the automotive industry accounting for growth in vehicles’ connectivity and self-driven capabilities. 

FREMONT, CA: Semiconductors are largely influencing the advancements in automotive technology. Enhanced graphics processing units (GPUs), application processors, and sensors are some of the key innovations in the automotive industry driven by semiconductor devices. As cars get increasingly complex, the requirement for automotive semiconductors will grow, thereby offering a new opportunity for advancements. Here are some of the primary semiconductor trends that will shape the automotive industry. 

Semiconductor-Powered Electric Vehicles

Advancements in semiconductor technology will address two major roadblocks that lie ahead of the proliferation of EVs. High battery costs and limited charging capabilities are the two limiting factors that have largely impacted the sales of EVs. With the current growth rate in semiconductor technology, EVs can represent around 5 to 10 per cent of sales by 2020. Apart from advancements in semiconductors, changes in oil and electricity prices and government regulations can also impact the sales of EVs. 

Semiconductors-Driven Connectivity

The next wave of innovation in semiconductors is expected to power the idea of connected cars. New offerings powered by semiconductor advancements include telematics services like voice assistants and eCall. Further, manufacturers are directing semiconductors innovations towards connectivity in automotive as they understand that connectivity impacts vehicle sales to a great extent. For instance, 37 percent of US customers were ready to shift to a new brand to experience the latest connectivity features.

Semiconductors Contributing to Autonomous Driving

Although OEMs are offering various new advanced-driver-assistance-systems features, highly autonomous vehicles are still a distant reality. However, the increased advancements in semiconductor technology are enabling the firms to contribute to the above cause. Semiconductor innovations will power the technologies that are needed to manufacture self-driven cars.

The automotive market is increasingly benefitting from semiconductor innovations, which are not only making the modern automobiles more efficient but also lacing them with intelligent automation.

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