3 Risk Management Measures to Secure Metal Treatment

Semiconductor firms need accurate data associated with their existing metal lots along with an understanding of the precious metals to ensure secure metal treatment processing. 

FREMONT, CA: Semiconductors are the main drivers of the electronics industry. These partially conductive devices include chips, transistors, and other electronic control parts, and are essential aspects of electronic equipment spanning mobile phones to robots and cars. Today, companies develop most semiconductor chips using silicon plated with other materials. The outer coating protects the semiconductor from external elements as well as links it to the outside world. These plating materials can be anything from gold to tin, and each has a unique set of characteristics with varying effects on the finished product. However, there are certain risks involved with the metal plating processes. The major risks that accompany metal plating in semiconductors can be divided into three fronts: metal treatment costs, metal recovery methods, and intellectual property theft. Let's look into each one of them.

Metal Treatment Costs

Semiconductor manufacturing companies take several unnecessary risks as they conduct business overseas. Specifically, maintaining a semiconductor manufacturing plant overseas is often accompanied by revenue losses due to fines and penalties. The other aspect that can go against the semiconductor firms is the decision to choose the right reclamation companies that are responsible for metal treatments. Knowing the correct value and amount of the precious metals in the lot that is to be treated can safeguard the semiconductor firms against possible frauds.

Metal Recovery Overheads

Understanding how various precious metal recovery methods function is the second of the three means in which semiconductor firms can ensure security. There are various methods of processing precious metals, and it’s important to know which methods must be leveraged for particular products. For instance, pyrometallurgical methods are suitable for items with encapsulated precious metals such as iron and copper.

Intellectual Property Theft

Intellectual property theft is often associated with the metal reclamation process. Semiconductor firms can enhance security preparedness by becoming aware of property theft vulnerabilities. While semiconductor companies invest generous amounts to secure their network infrastructures, they often miss out on data risks associated with metal reclamation, which usually involves a third-party. Once again, semiconductor firms can address this challenge by carefully choosing the reclamation company. 

The above risk management measures will enable the semiconductor firms to enhance their revenues and minimize the security risks linked with metal treatment.

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