3 Operating Conditions Optimizing Chip Fabrication

Production environments need to keep evolving in tandem with semiconductor fabrication processes and chip specifications.

FREMONT, CA: The upswing in demand for semiconductors is today accompanied by evolving chip designs and functionalities. Semiconductors are growing more sophisticated as their applications diversify, and markets expand.  In such a scenario, upgrading production environments to raise the standards of fabrication has become vital. With advanced technologies, chip-makers can today redefine semiconductor infrastructure and develop greater control over facilities. In doing so, fabrication becomes efficient and sustainable.

• Precise Control over Temperature and Humidity

Temperature and humidity values have a significant bearing on the semiconductor fabrication processes. This necessitates high-precision control over the metrics across several processing and measurement equipment. During wafer manufacturing, environmental controls ensure the maintenance of air purity and prevent contaminating particles or electrostatic and magnetic fields from interrupting or influencing the process. With temperature and humidity at desired levels, production rates also increase.

• Gas Monitoring and Detection

Semiconductor manufacturers are now using specialty gases to meet quality standards and drive up production efficiencies. As chip sizes reduce, every step in fabrication is becoming more sensitive. Even one stray particle can compromise fabrication quality by altering the dimension of chip components. This is making air separation units and monitoring and detection systems highly relevant in chip fabrication. With efficient monitoring technology, it is possible for chip-makers to check the gases at their point of entry into the fabrication facilities and ensure required levels of purity.

• Ambient Air Conditioning Units

With equipment that allows optimal environmental control, maintaining operational standards becomes cost-effective and reliable. Comprised of advanced technologies and automated controls, the sensor-enabled units can make development environments highly optimized for consistency and reproducibility. These modular units often cover all fabrication and development steps. Customization options present in some of the equipment add to their value.

Semiconductor fabrication facilities can achieve seamless quality control with the use of appropriate cleanroom technologies. High-precision controls, with options for customization, are the new norm for the production of sophisticated chips that cater to evolving demands. 

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