LianChuang Electronic Technology Co. (LCE): Strengthening the Core Industries of Optics and Optoelectronics

Dr. William Zeng, Chairman and CEO, LianChuang Electronic Technology Co. (LCE)Dr. William Zeng, Chairman and CEO
Since 2006, LianChuang Electronic Technology (LCE) has been a leader in the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of optical products and optoelectronic products.

With the rapidly increasing demand for camera systems for capturing images for various consumer electronics, LCE has quickly grown to be one of the leading suppliers in the field, with product lines covering all glass, plastic, and hybrid optics. The company’s client base comes from a broad range of industries, including the automotive industry, security, the aircraft and aerospace industry, AR/VR, and the smart home sector.

“With the recent surge in the demand for the consumer electronics, smart devices have been on fast growing track,” says William Zeng, the Chairman and CEO of Lianchuang Electronic Technology Co. (LCE). “Along with focusing on providing advanced optical components, we expanded our investment in optical devices and smart systems as the entry to this fast growth market.”

One of the big challenges found in today’s camera systems is the ever-increasing number of megapixels.
When facing this challenge, LCE quickly learned through a head start high pixel lens R&D and developed its own assembly technology with its calibration triangulation verification systems. The systems are designed with options of choosing different FOVs in the initial stage, which enable catering small quantity customized orders with specific FOV. With a strengthened synergy between the lens/module manufacturing and the R&D centers, LCE successfully created the agility the customers required for switching between different types of cameras. Along with labor cost advantage, this reinforced synergy results in a highly competitive cost.
  • Along with focusing on providing advanced optical components, we expanded our investment in optical devices and smart systems as the entry to this fast growth market

During the head start on high pixel lens module projects, the strengthened synergy between lens module manufacturing and R&D centers enabled LCE to improve customer service and reduce cost. A new customized order can be initiated and verified in a short period of time, which is critical, especially for designs involving thermalization verification and reliability tests. This quick on-site solution and verification cycle built at LCE keeps bringing in custom orders from various industries.

Now days equipped with optical fabrication and coating capabilities, advanced assembly technology, detailed metrology and process control, LCE provides customized engineering support from concept to design and to manufacturing for orders of various types and quantities. With headquarters in China and six branches worldwide—U.S. Bay Area, Munich, Germany, Seoul, South Korea, and Shang—LCE offers customized solutions based on innovation, cutting-edge core technology, and closeness to the customer. The solutions help companies around the world in conducting efficient manufacturing while maintaining high-quality standards. The client base comes from a broad range of market sectors, including the top players like T Customer, Samsung, Foxconn, and Lenovo.
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LianChuang Electronic Technology Co. (LCE)

LianChuang Electronic Technology Co. (LCE)


Dr. William Zeng, Chairman and CEO

Lianchuang Electronics focuses on the development of new optical and optoelectronic industries such as optical lenses, image modules, and touch display devices, and invests in and cultivates electro-acoustic and chip industries. The company's products are widely used in smart terminals, driver-assisted and self-driving cars, smart homes, smart cities and other fields.