Kokyo: Bridging the Gap between Photonics Researchers and Manufacturers

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Kazuhiko Sumimura, CEO, KokyoKazuhiko Sumimura, CEO
In one of the most inventive uses of lasers, the NASA rover Curiosity blasted rocks on Mars using laser-enabled equipment so researchers could examine the compounds in the resulting vapors. Photonics is the fabric of some of the most groundbreaking technologies and innovations, but lately, it is witnessing a dire challenge. As the photonic space evolves over the years, the gap between equipment manufacturers and researchers has widened. They need to be connected through a single thread for the laser industry to keep flourishing and pushing the limits of innovation.

That thread is Kokyo

Founded by Kazuhiko Sumimura, Kokyo aspires to be a one-stop shop for researchers and manufacturers to connect and do business.

Born in Hiroshima, Japan, Sumimura studied photonics, which sparked his passion for lasers. Working in this field for more than half his life, he realized for the industry to thrive, there shouldn’t be any walls between researchers and manufacturers.

The only question was, how?

Sumimura took inspiration from IT giants Facebook, Google, and Amazon, which meant people, data, and things to him.
He founded Kokyo on the foundation of these three pillars and created a platform where anyone can buy and sell laser equipment.

Kokyo’s people leverage data to find the finest photonics manufacturers for researchers and enterprises to choose from. “We are known for the quality of laser products that are cost-effective and highly reliable,” says Sumimura, CEO of Kokyo.

Kokyo is not a regular photonics company. It’s a place that fulfills the varying needs of every customer. If an organization needs to acquire laser cutting or Femtosecond laser processing machines for a couple of months, they can avail of Kokyo’s laser-as-a-service facility that allows customers to borrow laser equipment for any specific duration.

Kokyo collaborates with trading companies to get its hands on important and frequently used laser technologies. If a university researcher needs a fiber laser marker and someone from the semiconductor industry is looking for laser protective clothes, they can find it all at Kokyo. This product diversity is made possible by partnering with traders from all over the world.
  • We are known for the quality of laser products that are cost-effective and highly reliable

Kokyo has also teamed up with manufacturers to build its line of laser products. Doing this, it ensures high performance while keeping the cost of manufacturing in check. It also offers product customization, which helps researchers easily get what they need.

With its growing reputation for quality and exceptional customer service, it’s no wonder Kokyo has established a strong position in the market. So far, it has served universities and organizations from various industries, including aerospace, defense, electronics, healthcare, and life sciences.

The next few years are going to be immensely important for Kokyo. For one, it plans to get listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in the near future. It will be a landmark moment in helping Kokyo take the laser technology revolution to new heights.
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Kyoto, Japan

Kazuhiko Sumimura, CEO

Kokyo specializes in the laser industry, aiming to be a platformer that connects researchers and engineers to manufacturers and trading companies