Infinidat: Innovative Scalable Solutions Advancing Customers' Storage Priorities

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Eric Herzog, CMO, Infinidat., InfinidatEric Herzog, CMO, Infinidat.
The story of David and Goliath is one of the most noteworthy battles of all time, and throughout the evolution of business, numerous incidents have mimicked its essence. Time and time again, there have been Davids who faced the Goliaths of the global industries head-on and consolidated their reputation as a force to be reckoned with. One such company that challenged the behemoths in the data-storage domains is Infinidat.

Today, Infinidat is competing against industry giants, with 26 percent of Fortune 50 companies utilizing its storage solutions. Having worked at MNCs, established eight startups, and raised over half a billion dollars in venture capital, marketing leader Eric Herzog - CMO of Infinidat - has longstanding experience in the enterprise data storage industry. The company has over a hundred patents for its solutions–InfiniBox®, InfiniBox™ SSA, and InfiniGuard®. These enterprise storage solutions are built around a typical softwaredefined storage common architecture that spans all three members of the InfiniBox family and leverages DRAM memory ICs.

InfiniBox is a multi-petabyte capacity enterprise storage system that can be utilized for many mixed applications and workloads. The solution hosts Infinidat’s patented and sophisticated cache management algorithm, Neural Cache, offering users superior performance, dependability, and data availability. InfiniBox SSA expands the Infinidat use case to enable customers to execute workloads at ultra-high performance levels. Developed with solid-state technology coupled with Neural Cache and DRAM, the solution is beneficial for enterprises seeking reliability and availability for performance sensitive applications. InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA outperform modern storage systems in the market, empowering enterprises to run their Oracle, SQL, or SAP and other highly transactional workloads.

Infinidat’s Neural Cache empowers the storage with the ability to consolidate a multitude of workloads onto a single solution, making InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA second-to-none in the global storage solutions arena. One of the keys for this patented technology is that it works seamlessly across the entire Infinidat portfolio.

Owing to the neural cache algorithm, the solutions autonomously and automatically adjust and adapt the InfiniBox to each application and workload, improving and optimizing the performance efficiencies of the processes’ manifolds, and drastically reducing capital expenditures. Additionally, Enterprises reduce operational manpower and, expense, physical floor space and optimize the overall ROI and OPEX of their operations. Infinidat guarantees availability by integrating triple layers of redundancy that ensure the systems are running 24*7*365. In addition to addressing the storage-related nuances of businesses, Infinidat also offers solutions that enhance its clients’ cyber security resilience.
Infinidat’s InfiniGuard is an enterprise modern data protection and cyber-resilient solution that ventures beyond traditional backup, restore, and disaster recovery operations. By leveraging InfiniBox, InfiniGuard coalesces multiple data backup, recovery, and cybersecurity modules, ensuring that the users minimize human errors and are always prepared for unprecedented cyberattacks or natural disasters. For cyber resilience, the InfiniGuard includes, at no additional charge, InfiniSafe cyber resilient technology.Complementing Infinidat’s innovative solutions are its customer-oriented white-glove services included in the product’s package – a critical differentiating factor apropos of the company.

With a vast clientele of global enterprises, Infinidat offers white-glove services and assigns a technical advisor to each of its clients, who then assist in deployment and post-deployment processes. These system engineers, solution architects, and IT specialists are available round the clock and enable the clients to leverage the solutions to the best of their ability.
  • Infinidat’s innovative technology is unique in the industry with the same core architecture across its storage solutions portfolio. The company’s unprecedented 100% availability, superior performance that is faster than all-flash alternatives, and lower total cost of ownership deliver an automated set-it-and-forget-it approach to enterprises around the world. As a result, enterprises can gain a competitive advantage with the power and flexibility of Infinidat storage solutions

Enterprises can utilize Infinidat’s all-inclusive portfolio of services and solutions in three ways that cater to individual businesses’ specific needs and use cases. The first model entails traditional upfront purchasing of the products and services, where Infinidat provides the solutions required and deploys them efficiently. Clients can also utilize the mixed model to use specific products and subsequently expand their purchase, integrating more solutions and services into their operations as they scale. Infinidat offers a unique ‘elastic pricing model’ that combines capital and operation expanse, enabling businesses to generate a significant ROI while remarkably improving operational efficiencies. Lastly, Infinidat provides a full Storage-as-a-Service model that delivers cloud-like flexibility and pricing.

As a result of such customer-centric approaches, there are multiple success stories with its clients, helping them improve their operational efficiencies while improving their cybersecurity resilience. One of its customers were experiencing issues with legacy backup solutions and required a qualified Oracle backup solution that incorporated mandated cyber security protocols. The client—an InfiniBox user—deployed InfiniGuard with built-in cybersecurity functionalities. As a result, this improved its operational performance and cybersecurity and substantially reduced costs. Another customer in the healthcare sector improved the speed of backup/restores by deploying two InfiniGuards across its two locations, integrated the existing systems with ISV (Commvault), and deployed InfiniSafe for cyber protection. Looking ahead, Infinidat aims to maintain its technological lead in the storage solutions arena and continue to improve the functionalities and capabilities of its solutions.

As part of its latest endeavors, Infinidat launched an augmented version of InfiniGuard, enhanced by its new InfiniSafe® technology. The new technology enables enterprises to substantially improve their cyber resilience, combat and prevent data breaches and stay abreast of the latest advancements in the IT industry. As a fast-growing, agile company with a long trail of success, Infinidat can adapt its technology according to the current trends while also serving the leaders across several industries.
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Herzliya, Israel.

Eric Herzog, CMO, Infinidat.

Infinidat offers enterprise-grade solutions–InfiniBox®, InfiniBox SSA, and InfiniGuard– built around a common software-defined storage architecture that leverages all-flash and DRAM memory ICs. Owing to the neural cache algorithm, the solutions autonomously and automatically allocate flash and cache memory to each application, improving and optimizing the performance efficiencies of the processes manifolds, and drastically reducing capital expenditures. The customer-oriented white-glove services included in the product’s package is a key differentiating factor. Enterprises can utilize Infinidat’s all-inclusive portfolio of services and solutions in three ways that cater to individual businesses' specific needs.